Photography Tips and Techniques

filipino-wedding-photographer-ifoto-xpressions-studio-1Weddings can be very stressful for the bride and groom planning their event ahead of time. But can also be daunting for amateur wedding photographers who are just starting out and have not taken pictures of real weddings yet.

portrait-photography-techniques-dramatic-high-contrast-lighting-00-29As a wedding photographer, we generally shoot and compose portraits of the bride and groom together with the rest of the wedding party on-location most of the time. Just like a portrait photographer, we like to diffuse and soften the lighting just to cover up any skin imperfections in the portrait. To begin with, we assess the features of the face and determine which one to emphasize

capturing-15-most-haunted-places-with-travel-photography-tips-00Travel photography includes just about every photographic category you can imagine, including portraits, landscapes, and destination wedding photography to name a few.

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-00An effective food photograph will be able to express feelings of comfort, awaken loving memories, create fantasies, or simply to make you hungry. It is able to move people running to a totally new restaurant or raise the revenue of a food publication.

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-00One of the best methods to prevent your photographs being misplaced or forgotten is to get them away from that hidden area of your hard drive and onto something tangible where people definitely will see them. If you have been snapping pictures alone

00-dog-portrait-photography-in-40-stylish-party-costume-designsHolidays as well as special events and gatherings are an important part connected with so many of our memories. Weddings, birthday parties, school excursions, holiday seasons and many other events

photography-techniques-40-baby-portrait-design-using-props-00Portraits of newborns and infants are some of the most fulfilling and delightful images in photography which you can display as a wall art portrait as well. Photographers will come across a great deal of challenges when taking photos and posing babies from birth all the way through five months.

5-elements-of-black-and-white-print-with-unique-portraits-of-paris-0Black and white photography has endured the test of time. Inspite of the progress from mono to color film, it continues to be desirable to photographers worldwide. Black and white photography is able to create evocative and strong images.