Photography Tips and Techniques

01-wedding-photography-printingOver the past few years, printing photos at home has become much easier and quicker than it used to be. Producing great results is now within anybody’s reach, provided that a few simple factors are borne in mind. Here are five of the most important.

00-sports-photography-olympic-historyThe 2012 London Olympics is almost near combining the very best athletes around the world. Every four years, we will find a huge selection of unforgettable photography captured from athletes who conquer a lot of chances and finished incredible journeys belonging to the countless Olympic events.

wedding-photography-tips-using-flash-in-low-light-church-wedding-00If you capture lots of low-light weddings, shoot events, and make use of creative lighting, here are flash photography tips to best control light.

00-black-and-white-printingBirthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, it’s these kind of special moments that are worth remembering in life. A photograph to capture the event is the first step and sending your memories to print is the second. The latter is something that many people don’t pay enough attention to, perhaps because

00-32Bridges create an interesting scene for urban photography. When the sun comes up, the complexity of the architectural structure and patterns brings out the beauty of the bridge. The light, as well as the shadow proceed to throw their magic onto the framework of the bridge

00-skywalking-bizarre-travel-photography-on-a-different-angleEver since the introduction of the digital camera countless other aspiring photographers are getting fascinated in expanding their basic photography techniques.

00-children-portrait-photography-tips-online-prime-lens-or-zoom-lensA portrait should express more about the subject than it does relating to the photographer. Most people often come with a couple of personal portraits captured to commemorate a special occasion like turning sweet 16, graduation, birthday, wedding, and a lot more.

00-photographers-right-guides-misconception-copyright-law-animated-videoIf you happen to genuinely love to capture photographs and simply value visual imagery, you need to understand just what is right to take pictures. If someone questioned you, you need to know what to do.