Creative Design Roundup

00-marvel-dcDeviantart Artist Andres Romero a.k.a. Blo0p created a minimalist version of famous superheroes from Marvel to DC to name a few. These well-designed illustration of portraits make use of color

00-top-15-awesome-party-planning-apps-for-iphone-and-ipadWhether you tend to be planning for a birthday celebration, dinner party, school party, family and class reunion, graduation bash, anniversaries, kids party or weddings among others, planning a fantastic special event can be simply handled at home

00-cool-animal-tshirt-design-for-pet-photographers-and-dog-lovers-DJ-HunterAmazing photos of dogs can be seen all around us, including magazines, and greeting cards. But getting comparable image quality and expressions with the pets you share your life with is usually a challenge. Understanding the essentials of photographing dogs

00-guide-to-bikes-and-40-of-the-most-bizzare-bicycle-design-collectionDo you enjoy discovering nature but do not consider yourself much of a hiker? If you wish to go outside, get active and escape along with your family, why don’t you ride a bike together as a way to celebrate the occasion and get intimate with nature.

00-Miss-Universe-2011From feathers to swords, tiaras to wings, the Miss Universe 2011 participants served every one of the stops for the national costume part of this year’s event. Every National Costume signifies their great pride, their historical past, and their artistry.

00-festival-of-colors-50-artistic-body-art-paintingsBody painting is exactly about decorating the natural beauty of the human form and shape in an attention grabbing and tough environment with the use of paints, props, and most importantly imagination. Body painting and face painting are excellent

00-wedding-invitation-designs-that-reflect-the-style-of-your-eventYour upcoming wedding event celebration is undoubtedly just the right chance to take pleasure in amazingly one of a kind wedding invitation. Wedding stationery are available in various unique paper types and styles along with all sorts of essential related

00-creative-magazine-spread-design-layout-ideas-for-your-pageAll design work involves problem solving on both visual and organizational levels. Design is actually a visual language made on shapes, lines, and color combine with typographical words