Photo Inspiration

00-wedding-party-portrait-photographyWedding is a point in time when family members meet up and celebrate the occasion. Even though the center of the wedding event is on the bride and groom, taking extraordinary photos of the couple’s family and friends is likewise a main concern for most couples.

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-00-21Howard Schatz is regarded as the most respected photographer in the world, and his photography inside world of professional boxing is extremely remarkable.

00-aerial-photography-15-pieces-of-earthscapes-on-postage-stampEven though alot of people communicate and greet each other thru emails online nowadays, we do still send out invitation the traditional way. If you will be having a wedding or party celebration, it’s best to send out your save the date

00-engagement-portrait-photography-30-interesting-location-ideasCouples have their engagement portrait shoot first, several weeks before their wedding start. On this e-session, the couple comes dressed up depending on the concept or theme they want to be captured.

00-faces-of-power-50-portraits-that-influence-the-world-by-platonNew Yorker staff photographer Platon provides us an inside look into our world leaders through his new book Power. It’s a collection of eye-catching intimate look at today’s most persuasive and influential

9-portraits-of-power-nike-women-with-annie-leibovitz-photographyAmazingly famous photographer Annie Leibovitz was hired to shoot the Nike’s Women’s League for the Make Yourself ad campaign. The team consist of seven featured elite female sports athletes who came from a wide-range of sports.

00-still-life-photography-with-things-you-cannot-live-withoutA common discipline with photographers and painters, still life is the arrangement and assembly of inanimate objects that is completely in contrast with landscape photography in terms of composition. It is up to you which background to choose, the quality of light to use, and how to balance the composition with your arrangement

00-romantic-adventure-27-most-majestic-palacesPalaces are largely places of relaxation, designed to be architecturally pleasing to the eye of their visitors, decorated with marble and gold, and bring comfort to their inhabitants. These magnificent structures are different from castles