Photo Inspiration

japan-flesh-love-photographyMen and women will do just about anything to have photos of their most special moments alive. Wedding events are simply among those special occasions that couples are going to remember all through their lives.

00-best-fatherDave Engledow wanted to document the life of her daughter Alice Bee. Through these crazy captured images on this photo series, it will enable him to create a 2013 Calendar of the World’s Best Father.

photo-manipulation-since-1840s-artful-fabricated-truths-in-photography-00-06Before Adobe Photoshop came to existence and captured digital images were manipulated, the art of photo manipulation and retouching was already present between the 1840s and 1990s. During the earliest years of photography, artist were finding ways to alter the captured images taken by their camera.

00-bird-animal-photography-34Mother’s Day is the best occasion to honor and show appreciation to each and every mother’s selfless love and affection. Our Mother devoted her whole life in helping us with our clothes, with our daily meals, and so much more. It’s now our turn this time.

00-portraits-britain-alphabet-tourist-attraction-stampsJust recently, Royal Mail reveals breathtaking collection of postage stamps design that showcases a few of Britain’s most famous landmarks attracting travelers worldwide. With the first class set of Royal Mail stamps, an iconic landmark of the British is allocated on every letter

00-wedding-kiss-photography-in-the-1950s-uncovered-on-ebayLondon-based photographer Stephen Gill bought 9,000 negatives on eBay two years ago. He was hoping that those negatives from the 1950s recorded the London’s dazzling street life. And surprisingly, instead, he discovered that those negatives

0-food-photography-design-playing-with-food-pairingsFood is definitely the focal point of each and every holiday party celebration and weddings. You can find some guests are often exploring how to best photograph their food just for photo albums or to be uploaded on Facebook to share with friends.

00-wedding-photography-designChoosing an engagement ring can be as critical as getting a professional wedding photographer that needs to be considered. The ring was thought to be symbolically connected to different things as well as being personal to the bride and groom for it will be worn throughout their lives.