scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-00Halloween is one of the oldest holidays that is celebrated around the world. Almost everybody would love to be snapped by cameras as they strike a pose with their horror costumes. However, there are still those who just simply fear having their picture taken for a number of reasons.

nikon-d3-dslr-as-fully-functional-halloween-costume-for-photographers-00Thinking of what halloween costume to wear for your event? Everyone has to come to the party event wearing their costume to celebrate the Halloween. As a photographer, you need a costume that does not hamper

capturing-15-most-haunted-places-with-travel-photography-tips-00Travel photography includes just about every photographic category you can imagine, including portraits, landscapes, and destination wedding photography to name a few.

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-00An effective food photograph will be able to express feelings of comfort, awaken loving memories, create fantasies, or simply to make you hungry. It is able to move people running to a totally new restaurant or raise the revenue of a food publication.