a00-steampunk-love-wedding-invitationHalloween is just around the corner. How about incorporating a Victorian era, gothic inspired theme to your wedding style? Steampunk style wedding theme is oddly eye-catching, unique, yet sophisticated. Experience the punk culture

00-fashion-illustration-design-inspirationYear after year you can find exceptional trends when it comes to wedding fashion and beauty, particularly bridal gowns, custom wedding jewelry, and bridal hairstyles. When considering colors, whites are forever

00-queen-elizabeth-2-hatsQueen Elizabeth II has worn around 5,000 uniquely designed hats in the last 50 years. She is renowned for her collection of headwear and has in some way was able to create a truly spectacular style

lady-gaga-000Lady Gaga’s appeal either on and off the stage are intense as well as an amazing inspiration to creative fashion designers and aspiring divas at the same time. What Alexander McQueen have done for fashion, Gaga is doing to dance music.

guide-to-mens-suit-what-grooms-and-party-guest-need-to-know-00Men in general totally need assistance with suits, especially for their wedding event. Choosing a men’s suit and wearing it effectively can get complicated particularly if you have little understanding on the matter. Men’s formal wear includes a tie, a suit, pants, shirt

2011-new-york-chocolate-fashion-show-00Life is like a box of chocolates. Chocolates has always been served in various event celebration and weddings. And to discover chocolate in all its forms, the famous Chocolate Fashion Show event just recently presented a sweet and stunning collection of chocolate

00-dog-portrait-photography-in-40-stylish-party-costume-designsHolidays as well as special events and gatherings are an important part connected with so many of our memories. Weddings, birthday parties, school excursions, holiday seasons and many other events

00-beyond-kimono-38-modern-kawaii-japanese-wedding-dress-inspirationTraditional Japanese wedding customs or “shinzen shiki” comprises an elaborate ceremony in the Shinto shrine. The Japanese bride may be painted pure white from head to feet as a declaration of her maiden condition to the gods. The bride’s attire consists of a luxurious kimono