00-28-face-paintingCelebrate Halloween along with your family and friends. Let lose your artistic possibilities and let your children paint their unique faces. Professionals claim that face painting is without a doubt popular among kids during birthday celebrations

photo-manipulation-since-1840s-artful-fabricated-truths-in-photography-00-06Before Adobe Photoshop came to existence and captured digital images were manipulated, the art of photo manipulation and retouching was already present between the 1840s and 1990s. During the earliest years of photography, artist were finding ways to alter the captured images taken by their camera.

00-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchWhen looking for a job in today’s economic situation, you need to consider thinking outside the box. These days, it requires greater than organizing a resume or registering for a job board. It’s essential to gain lots of the exposure

iconic-landmark-travel-design-with-layers-of-colors-and-stripes-00Weird landmarks can generate an unusual power when traveling solo, as a couple or with family and friends. Other monuments commemorate an important event or celebrate an exceptional life, while some are designed to amaze us.

00-cool-animal-tshirt-design-for-pet-photographers-and-dog-lovers-DJ-HunterAmazing photos of dogs can be seen all around us, including magazines, and greeting cards. But getting comparable image quality and expressions with the pets you share your life with is usually a challenge. Understanding the essentials of photographing dogs

00-beyond-kimono-38-modern-kawaii-japanese-wedding-dress-inspirationTraditional Japanese wedding customs or “shinzen shiki” comprises an elaborate ceremony in the Shinto shrine. The Japanese bride may be painted pure white from head to feet as a declaration of her maiden condition to the gods. The bride’s attire consists of a luxurious kimono

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-00Toronto-based artist Carly Waito’s small oil paintings of gems and mineral stone specimen captivated our eyes. The detailed paintings showing the crystalline structure and shape variation is noteworthy and insanely perfect renditions

00-guide-to-bikes-and-40-of-the-most-bizzare-bicycle-design-collectionDo you enjoy discovering nature but do not consider yourself much of a hiker? If you wish to go outside, get active and escape along with your family, why don’t you ride a bike together as a way to celebrate the occasion and get intimate with nature.