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wedding-photography-tips-using-flash-in-low-light-church-wedding-00If you capture lots of low-light weddings, shoot events, and make use of creative lighting, here are flash photography tips to best control light.

mobile-marketing-for-photographers-wedding-planners-00Mobile marketing is an efficient marketing strategy that photographers can make use to generate word of mouth and accomplish their goals and objectives. It’s a fact that men and women are spending much longer surfing the net by means of their mobile devices nowadays compared in the past. Photographers need to know how to say a lot with only a little

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-01-72Father’s Day is just around the corner and there’s still preparation time. It’s a chance to celebrate as family and honor a father’s love. Let your dad feel how much you care and appreciate the things he has done as well as his endless support for your well-being.

00-black-and-white-printingBirthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, it’s these kind of special moments that are worth remembering in life. A photograph to capture the event is the first step and sending your memories to print is the second. The latter is something that many people don’t pay enough attention to, perhaps because

00-32Bridges create an interesting scene for urban photography. When the sun comes up, the complexity of the architectural structure and patterns brings out the beauty of the bridge. The light, as well as the shadow proceed to throw their magic onto the framework of the bridge

00-bird-animal-photography-34Mother’s Day is the best occasion to honor and show appreciation to each and every mother’s selfless love and affection. Our Mother devoted her whole life in helping us with our clothes, with our daily meals, and so much more. It’s now our turn this time.

00-skywalking-bizarre-travel-photography-on-a-different-angleEver since the introduction of the digital camera countless other aspiring photographers are getting fascinated in expanding their basic photography techniques.

00-children-portrait-photography-tips-online-prime-lens-or-zoom-lensA portrait should express more about the subject than it does relating to the photographer. Most people often come with a couple of personal portraits captured to commemorate a special occasion like turning sweet 16, graduation, birthday, wedding, and a lot more.