Wedding Photography Essentials: Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers

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Weddings can be very stressful for the bride and groom planning their event ahead of time. But can also be daunting for amateur wedding photographers who are just starting out and have not taken pictures of real weddings yet. So many things can go wrong specially if you are not prepared as a wedding photographer to capture those spontaneous moments.

If in case the wedding couple cannot afford a full-time professional wedding photographer or maybe they are impressed with your captured photos and chosen you as their wedding photographer, you need to be prepared once you accepted their invitation to shoot. That could be a start for a long journey towards your success in the photography business eventually.

Wedding Photography Tips

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Awesome Helpful Video On How To Shoot Weddings

by Justin Wojtczak

Inspiration and Advice from Wedding Photographers

Here is a roundup of wedding photography tips and tricks of the trade with Jasmine Star‘s word-of-mouth wedding photography business tips, with David Ziser‘s inspirational advice to take your wedding photography to the next level, and with Bambi Cantrell‘s lighting and posing techniques for that exquisite and amazing imagery. There are a lot of amazing wedding photographers in the Philippines and worldwide. But I’ve chosen these three wedding photographers because they continue to inspire and share their knowledge and experience with fellow wedding photographers online or offline the web. There are many to mention actually. But I just limit it to three. You may add your favorite wedding photographer through the comments and share us your inspiration.

1. Jasmine Star On Shooting Wedding Photography

Learn from award-winning wedding photographer Jasmine Star as she shares her wedding photography tips and advice via her Official Jasmine Star YouTube channel. Watch one of her videos below as she discussed about client meetings, wedding contract, and her approach to photographing wedding ceremonies.

Don’t ever aspire to be someone you’re not. You’re entirely and uniquely amazing, so always aim to be the best version of yourself at all times. – Jasmine Star

2. Interview with David Ziser

Internationally renowned wedding photographer David Ziser continues to be one of the leading trainers in the wedding photography industry for over twenty years. Through his Digital Protalk blog, he writes and offer advice to aspiring professional photographers looking to enhance their photography and wedding business to the next level. Here is an interesting interview by Crash Taylor. Just click the image below.


Don’t ever say that you’re giving it 100%. You have no clue what your 100% is. You need to push it even harder. And pushing even harder every minute, every hour, while photographing a wedding should be exactly what you should be doing. It’s only by stretching ourselves that we become better photographers. – David Ziser

3. Wedding Photography by Bambi Cantrell

Bambi Cantrell is a photographer that I admire big time for her breathtaking wedding and portrait images from around the world. She is an expert with posing and lighting techniques that she shared on her 3-day workshop video available via CreativeLIVE. Check out her blog to learn more.


I just love people, and believe truly great photographs are a reflection of who the client is, not who I want them to be. – Bambi Cantrell

In Conclusion

Take charge of large group when shooting wedding party family portraits while having fun. Know about the wedding timeline, a rundown of a typical wedding day from a photography standpoint. Talk and work with wedding coordinators and the rest of the wedding professionals with ease. Shoot with style that the bride and groom will love and cherish for a lifetime. Do note that there are many various kinds of weddings involving a wide range of traditions. Do make your research in advance and I hope these wedding photography tips help you get some of the photography task covered. If you have additional tips to share, just leave your comments below for more ideas.


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