2012 Auspicious Wedding Dates with Chinese New Year Feng Shui

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The closing Year of the Rabbit is almost near as the Chinese calendar heralds the Year Of The Dragon for 2012 which begins on January 23, 2012 and will end on February 9, 2013 next year. It was regarded by the Chinese families as well as the Chinese community in the Philippines as the most significant festival to be celebrated. In terms of wedding feng shui, the Dragon Year is recognized as an ideal year for weddings and get married with your lifetime partner. There might be an increase in weddings for this year 2012 as couples booked their confirmed wedding dates ahead of time. Aside from being a great year for weddings, the Year of the Dragon is also viewed as auspicious for having children. Some of those who got married last year 2011 are hoping that their child will be born in the Year of the Dragon.


Even though the People’s Republic of China applies the Gregorian calendar for civil functions, a special Tung Shu Chinese calendar is utilised for choosing festivals. ‘Tung’ in Chinese means pass thru. ‘Shu’ means book. Therefore, Tung Shu is a book about everything with a broad set of traditional Chinese beliefs and methods that continues to impact the lives of the Chinese people. The vast majority of traditional Chinese families possess a copy which they may refer to on special occasions.


A wedding day starts with elaborate wedding planning and preparation several months ahead of time. And choosing your preferred wedding date may be the first thing you would do along with your wedding checklist. Every single activity or task which people do, there is a much more appropriate date and time to carry it out according to traditional Chinese culture. The whole concept is planned to take advantage of the auspicious energy and give people a nice beginning. Traditional Chinese wedding will include a couple of important dates to watch out for:

  • Exchange of dowry (过大礼)
  • Placing of wedding bed (安床)
  • Wedding ceremony (嫁娶)

Here are the list of auspicious dates for weddings this year 2012 based on the Chinese almanac Tong Shu. Do note as well that there are particular days which are not favorable for all splendid events. Have a great time picking out the date for the best wedding day you will ever have.


The most recommended months for weddings are even-numbered months. And the Seventh Lunar Month needs to be prevented no matter what because of the Hungry Ghost Festival. As the Chinese commemorates the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Eight Lunar Month tend to get fully booked first.



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Feng Shui is the old Chinese art and science of being in harmony with your surroundings where you control the life-force chi energy. The principles of traditional Feng Shui signifies “wind and water.” There is a vital connection between person and place, health, success and happiness. To welcome a fresh new chi and good luck, the Chinese prepare their home for the coming new year.

Spring Cleaning and Repair the House

Before the Chinese New Year Spring Festival commences, it’s a good time to do major cleaning and toss out old unnecessary items you do not need anymore. Clean each part of the house as well as repair those that need to be fix. Leaking faucets need to be repaired too. Water leaks can mean loss of money or unnecessary expenditure. Check out the dinning table for it represents the rice bowl of the family. A damage bed might bring obstacles in your life and affect your romantic relationship. Clothes that are not worn for more than one year needs to be given away to allow for new things to come into your life.

Keep Stocks of Food

Keep the kitchen filled with food and supplies since it’s where the family get together to have dinner. It’s essential that you cross the new year with plenty of food to eat at home. Look over your kitchenware and plates for cracks because eating with broken utensils is not good feng shui. Space clearing guarantees the feng shui energy in the house to be crystal-clear and fresh. In essence, it is focused on creating clean and harmonious energy in your home as a way to bring all the blessings of the New Year.

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Home Altar Cleaning

Ask the Deities for permission before you get started cleaning up and taking off the figurines on the altar. Wipe all the surface and change worn out items. Once you are done cleaning, create a complete set of new offerings to your home Deities.

Chinese New Year Eve

During the eve of Chinese New Year, the whole family comes together as a symbol of togetherness and abundance and have their 8 dishes reunion dinner with ingredients of symbolic meanings. When the meal are properly assembled, everyone may say the following:

chinese-lantern-new-yearPhoto via Prakashdaniel

1. Sang Yi Heng LoongMay our business become more prosperous.

2. Gong Hei Fatt ChoyMay we all become seriously wealthy.

3. Sai Kai Wo PingMay we live in harmony and have peace.

4. Fuk Yu Dong HoiMay our prosperity be as vast as the oceans.

5. Si SI Yu YiMay we have a smooth career and prosperous year.

6. Long Ma Jing SanMay we be alert of all business opportunities.

7. Pak Nin Ho HupMay our marriage be everlasting.

8. Ching Chun Mei LaiMay we always stay young at heart.

9. Nin Sang Guai ZiMay we have wonderful children.

10. San Tai Kin HongMay our family stay healthy.

11. Fu Guai Weng WahMay we be rich and famous.

year-of-the-dragon-chinese-new-year-2012Photo via Chooyutshing

Build a harmonious natural environment which can breathe love and inspiration into your approaching wedding union by carefully setting up an environment to get the most favourable effects for one of life’s most significant occasions.

REFERENCE: Feng Shui by Lillian Too

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