History Of Engagement Rings With 40 Wedding Ring Photography Ideas

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Choosing an engagement ring can be as critical as getting a professional wedding photographer that needs to be considered. The ring was thought to be symbolically connected to different things as well as being personal to the bride and groom for it will be worn throughout their lives. There are plenty of unbelievable, epic, hilarious, and inspiring memories of how the proposal went. Each couple has something new to share that I am interested to find out. But did it ever crossed your mind just how the history of giving an engagement ring got started? It was believed that the ring finger links to issues of the heart that was ruled by the god Apollo. It had been believed that a vein passed from the third finger straight to the heart which is the center of emotion and love. Since the ring has no start or end, it was connected to the idea of eternity. Here’s an infographic about the interesting history of engagement rings. Let’s explore and find out more about how it all began.


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Here are creative wedding ring shots where inspirations and ideas can be found everywhere. Let’s browse through how wedding photographers around the world created their own version of awesome ring shots.

Ring Shot Inspiration #01

02-000-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationFortune cookie wedding proposal. Photo via Pinterest


Ring Shot Inspiration #02

03-25-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationMusic of love above the piano. Photo via Stephanie Osborne


Ring Shot Inspiration #03

04-37-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationAdding spice to a wedding. Photo via Williwieberg


Ring Shot Inspiration #04

05-16-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationHandprints on the beach. Photo via Justin Lucarelli


Ring Shot Inspiration #05

06-24-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationAbove the star of your life. Photo via MyKnightPhoto


Ring Shot Inspiration #06

07-18-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationRing inside the words of love. Photo via Kristin.B


Ring Shot Inspiration #07

08-28-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationFrozen eternity of rings. Photo via Susan


Ring Shot Inspiration #08

09-32-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationAbove the bread of life. Photo via Ewcouture


Ring Shot Inspiration #09

10-33-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationDinner for two. Photo via Ewcouture


Ring Shot Inspiration #10

11-22-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationProtecting the ring. Photo via Extra Medium


Ring Shot Inspiration #11

12-43-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationAttached by pins. Photo via Pinterest


Ring Shot Inspiration #12

13-46-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationI do scrabble. Photo via Pinterest


Ring Shot Inspiration #13

14-10-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationTwig with romance. Photo via True Charisma


Ring Shot Inspiration #14

15-26-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationBook of love. Photo via Benjaminking1


Ring Shot Inspiration #15

16-48-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationCircles of eternity. Photo via Wtring by Justin Element Photography


Ring Shot Inspiration #16

17-17-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationAbove the golf balls. Photo via Kristen2031


Ring Shot Inspiration #17

18-29-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationArtistic expressions. Photo via Mukhina Ekaterina


Ring Shot Inspiration #18

19-30-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationClose with nature. Photo via MKD Photography


Ring Shot Inspiration #19

20-36-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationCool being together. Photo via Williwieberg


Ring Shot Inspiration #20

21-44-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationDelicious meal of eternity. Photo via Pinterest


Ring Shot Inspiration #21

22-05-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationLove on spotlight. Photo via Deathtiny42


Ring Shot Inspiration #22

23-23-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationHidden brilliance. Photo via Stephanie Osborne


Ring Shot Inspiration #23

24-15-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationSweet heart. Photo via Nuena


Ring Shot Inspiration #24

25-42-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationNailed forever. Photo via Amelialyon


Ring Shot Inspiration #25

26-34-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationEternal bliss. Photo via Hilary


Ring Shot Inspiration #26

27-31-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationFit for life. Photo via Jasonqtran


Ring Shot Inspiration #27

28-19-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationEndless love. Photo via Pam3la


Ring Shot Inspiration #28

29-45-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationClip together. Photo via Hofferphotography


Ring Shot Inspiration #29

30-11-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationChevy bowtie ring shot. Photo via Something*borrowed


Ring Shot Inspiration #30

31-07-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationVintage love with polaroid. Photo via Jennifer Sosa


Ring Shot Inspiration #31

32-38-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationSea shell love. Photo via Hayley Marlise Photography


Ring Shot Inspiration #32

33-40-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationRed roses for life. Photo via Whoalse by Allen


Ring Shot Inspiration #33

34-41-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationLittle accorns together. Photo by Leah Haydock


Ring Shot Inspiration #34

35-39-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationAlliances. Photo via Roxynette


Ring Shot Inspiration #35

36-04-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationVibrant yellow ring shot. Photo via Neil Holmes Photographer


Ring Shot Inspiration #36

37-09-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationEternal colors of fall in nature. Photo via Something*Borrowed


Ring Shot Inspiration #37

38-49-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationSound of romance. Photo via Wtring by Paul Vincent Photography


Ring Shot Inspiration #38

39-02-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationA tie that binds. Photo via Colagrl (Susan B.)


Ring Shot Inspiration #39

40-47-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationSweet symmetry of commitment. Photo via Laffler Photography


Ring Shot Inspiration #40

41-01-wedding-ring-shot-photography-inspirationGrowing love. Photo via Mike Paulie

Add shine and elegance to you wedding day and celebrate the new year with shared love that binds you together as a couple or as a family. May you find the most stunning beauty and extraordinary wedding ring from broad selection of styles and designs presented out there and preserve those memories and moments with your professional wedding photographer.

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