Group Photography Ideas: 20 Creative Wedding Poses for Bridal Party

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Wedding is a point in time when family members meet up and celebrate the occasion. Even though the center of the wedding event is on the bride and groom, taking extraordinary photos of the couple’s family and friends is likewise a main concern for most couples. The perfect bridal party portrait can be challenging to accomplish by just anyone with a camera that’s why hiring a professional wedding photographer is essential for a once in a lifetime wedding event. A professional wedding photographer knows how to handle large group of people and pose them for an eye-catching composition.

Weddings comprise of a considerable amount of groups that may include two for the bride and groom or more than ten for the bridal party as well as all the gathered wedding guests. Indeed, formal group portraits will still be a huge part of what wedding photographers do that the couple needs and wants to be part of the wedding photo album.

000-wedding-party-bridal-portrait-group-photography-09PHOTOGRAPHY BY MAURICE RAMIREZ VIA ISPWP

As we are shown with subjects for a bridal group portrait during the event, we have to take notice initially on the nature and personality of the group. We then make notes on the number of people included when composing them for bridal party portrait. Additionally, we look at the age and body mass of each person to determine how they should be positioned within the frame of the camera.

When creating and composing wedding party groups, check that everyone is in focus and well-lit as you capture the photograph of each group’s character frozen in time. When adding another person to a group, stretch out the bottom of the group to make the foundation wider than the top. Here are a couple of simple ideas for a wedding party bridal portrait photography that may inspire you to capture that creative angle for a group portrait.


1. Close and Personal


Have each and every one squeeze in near and tight for a lovely and warm portrait. PHOTOS BY MARIO TESTINO

2. Range of Happiness


Have fun with unique group arrangements. PHOTOS BY NATALIE

3. Dignified


Lineup the wedding party facing the camera and let the groomsmen hold the wedding flowers. PHOTOS BY JUSTIN LEE VIA THEBRIDESUITE

4. Tight Space


Have the wedding guest infront crouch a little bit in a tight space. PHOTO VIA PINTEREST

5. Colorful Expressions


Explore vibrant colors along with the group’s black and white color scheme for high contrast portraiture. PHOTOS BY KUPERBLOG VIA PINTEREST

6. Jump for Joy


Jumping group portraits is very popular. You need a fast shutter and continuous shot when capturing photos of everyone in the air. PHOTO VIA PINTEREST

7. Grounded Circle


Get down on the ground for a impressive effect. PHOTOGRAPHY BY MONIQUE VIA ISPWP

8. Ladies and Gents


Divide the ladies and gentlemen as you alter individual poses for a lively portrait.. PHOTOGRAPHY BY WILDFLOWERS VIA GREENWEDDINGSHOES

9. Loveliest Foot Forward


Bring forth the bride and line up her bridesmaids at the background. PHOTOS VIA IAMAPOSER

10. Lip Service


Create the usual kissing shot all the more entertaining by getting every couple inside the lineup act silly and different. PHOTOS BY EXTRA MEDIUM VIA FLICKR

11. Moment in Time


Position the wedding party out while the couple stands in the middle to add drama and visual interest to your image. PHOTOS BY JAKI GOOD VIA FLICKR

12. Playtime


Have the wedding guests socialize in a playful manner to get the shots they’ll cherish for a long time. PHOTOS BY LA PHOTOGRAPHIE NASHVILLE VIA FLICKR

13. Awesome Sports


Keep cool and share some personality to have fun. PHOTOGRAPHY BY SUNDBERG VIA FLICKR

14. Dramatic Lighting


Stylish portrait for the groomsmen arranged in v-shape using wide angle shot. PHOTOS BY TOPHER9 VIA FLICKR

15. Stunning Lineup


Groomsmen fall into line and start looking out while shooting at an angle to get them combined in the lens. PHOTOS BY MARGIELOU.COM VIA FLICKR

16. Stairway to the Heart


The use of stairways brings height and volume to a classic portrait. PHOTOS BY JASONHUANG VIA FLICKR

17. Have a Seat


Make use of unusual arrangement of seats for a layered portrait. PHOTOGRAPHY BY TIM BOEHM VIA FLICKR

18. Time to Reflect


Capture some artistic angle from captivating reflections. PHOTOGRAPHY BY R.J.KERN VIA ISPWP

19. High Vantage Point


Elevate yourself above and have the group look up for sharp portraits. PHOTOS BY MICHAELANDANNACOSTA.COM VIA STYLE ME PRETTY

20. Walking Forward


Have the wedding party walk towards you at varying distances. PHOTOS BY BONNIE VELAZCO VIA FLICKR

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