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Striving to think of photography ideas as a gifts for photographers? It’s tough, but we have come up with a variety of gift suggestions to assist you in getting your creative juices flowing! You can buy something that is useful with their photo-taking hobby or profession. How about a book on how to compose brilliant digital photos even with just a point-and-shoot camera or a book about photography business for the pros. Here are other awesome gift ideas you may want to add for any of the photography lovers or pro photographers on your list of circles.

1. Lomography OKTOMAT Camera with 8 Serial Lenses


With one press on the shutter button, the 8 little lenses shoot in return, making a multi-frame small photo vignette which you can later on upload to VIEW HERE


2. Black Rapid RS-Sport 2


Excellent camera strap that we personally use when shooting wedding photography. Camera placement can be adjusted with the strap and can be locked in place at the same time. High quality material creatively designed for the photographers on the go. VIEW HERE


3. Panoramic Ball Camera


Jonas Pfeil designed the Panoramic Ball Camera that will create a 360° panorama no matter where you are. This impressive ball camera utilizes 36 cellphone camera sensors set surrounding the outside of the ball that is shielded by foam. Once you pick up the ball and toss it up in the air, it captures the whole scene. VIEW HERE


4. Rogue FlashBenders


Rogue FlashBenders are a few of the most modern gear for enhancing flash photographs. It’s reflective with bendable screens produced from Cordura nylon and Velcro fasteners. You may use the FlashBender just like a classic bounce card, position it to point the light to one area of the scene, as well as roll it perfectly into a snoot to direct the light into a tight beam. VIEW HERE


5. Rosco The Strobist Gel Collection


If you had your umbrella as your first light modifier, you might as well next get these set of gels after. You can find a selection of color gels in the pack for nearly everything else you need, from complimenting your strobe right up until giving your subject a great skin tone. VIEW HERE


6. Inflatable Photo Studio


The most versatile mobile photo studio that allows you to create the same level of work from amateur to super pro with or without strobe lighting. VIEW HERE


7. Digital Camera Swim Mask


Here is the world’s only swim mask having a built-in waterproof digital or video camera, knocking out the necessity to bring an underwater camera. It helps to keep your hands totally free as you go swimming. Liquid Image 304 Explorer Series 8.0 Camera Mask with 8.0MP camera can function to a depth level of 15ft / 5m. Perfect to use when snorkeling or in the swimming pools. VIEW HERE


8. Shoot Sac


The first-ever camera lens bag made to be worn conveniently while capturing moments with photography. It can carry 3-6 lenses along with other camera accessories securely and easily close at hand. And is able to fold totally flat for a hassle-free travelling and safe-keeping. VIEW HERE


9. Optech Rainsleeve


The RAINSLEEVE-Flash from OP/TECH USA is actually a must-have add-on for passionate outdoor photographers which provides a shield and protection. VIEW HERE


10. Camera Cufflinks


These lovely camera cufflinks are ideal for any digital photographer and makes a wonderful gift. It will bring the best impact to any office or formal wear and is silver plated. VIEW HERE


11. Canon Lens Coffee Mug


Replica of Canon USM lens with food grade stainless steel inside lining. VIEW HERE


12. Diana Delight Keychain Bundle


The Diana Delight Keychain Bundle combines the mini design versions of the classic camera as well as four of its incredible clones. VIEW HERE


13. Orbis Ring Flash


The Orbis Ring Flash makes use of your current flash/strobe to produce similar gorgeous ring flash style that has only been achievable with high-priced studio lighting systems. Ring flash has long been recognised for use with high-end portrait and fashion photography. VIEW HERE


14. Digital Foci Photo Book


Bring your digital memories everywhere using this pocket-size digital Photo Album. The Digital Foci Photo Book comes with a leather-like case which magnetically closes. When it is fully charged, you can start to download your photos through memory cards or by USB flash drives to internal memory. VIEW HERE


15. SanDisk 64GB ExtremePro SDXC Memory Card


The SanDisk 64GB ExtremePro SDXC card is an over the top fast class ten card with a large amount of storage. The faster cards are actually created for professional photographers, so don’t bother in case your recipient just uses a basic point-and-shoot camera. VIEW HERE


16. Photo-opoly


Show up and have fun with this fantastic game. Just where are your photos? Pick 22 photos that you like and set up a game for a wedding, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, or any event celebration. Instructions included for building your game in various ways. VIEW HERE


17. FujiFilm Real 3D W3 – 3D Camera


The FujiFilm Real 3D W3 is an awesome 3D camera, along with a set of lenses that can capture true 3D photos and video. You can look at the 3D images on the camera’s LCD screen without having glasses, or perhaps hook up the camera to a 3D TV or pc and view your photo and video with the regular glasses. VIEW HERE


18. Hoodman HoodEYE Eyecup


The Hoodman HoodEYE effortlessly takes the place of your digital SLR camera’s rubberized eyepiece for much better viewfinder optics. Prevents light from entering for great viewing. VIEW HERE


19. Opteka Voyeur Right Angle Spy Lens


Position your camera one way and shoot the other using this right angle lens accessory. This lens will let you shoot straight to the right or left of where your camera seems pointing. VIEW HERE


20. Digital Camera

If you are thinking of getting a digital camera, you can choose between a compact or an SLR instead. If this is your first time to buy, SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. This basically means that the digital camera comes equipped with one regular 35mm lens which can be replaced with another lens. These digital cameras are more expensive compared to compact cameras and are for serious and professional photographers only. The compact camera goes into your pocket, easy and fast to operate. There’s a big difference in the level of image quality and the number of photos you can actually capture when choosing between digital SLR or compact cameras.


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