Wedding Seating Arrangement: Ideas On Place Card Holders And Seating Cards

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Prior to organizing your wedding seating arrangement, see to it that your wedding guest indeed confirmed their attendance from the wedding invitation that you sent out. In the event, some of your party guest haven’t made it to the RSVP deadline, do get in touch with them and let them know that you need confirmation before finalizing your wedding plan.

Part of the thrill of a delicious meal being served at the reception is the visual ambiance of your party celebration. A crucial factor as well is the location where the wedding party guests must be seated in order that they don’t have to move in and around every single table to get their seat. This can often be accomplished simply by showing a place card on the table or putting a seating chart or escort cards noticeably at the entry way to the reception venue.

Table place cards really are a necessity to be certain that your wedding guests sit at the right table and have the appropriate meals. Your wedding guests is going to be celebrating together with you, interacting and enjoying. The place card holders you pick out can influence the entire decor of your reception venue. Make use of them to create or accentuate your wedding theme.

Two Ways For A Sleek Seating Arrangement

  1. The more common way is to put a seating card together with the guest’s name facing their seat.
  2. A modern way is to present every table a number and designate guests to their table number.

30 Wedding Ideas On Place Card Holders And Seating Cards

Celebrate your day of love and marriage with these 30 captivating place card holders and seating cards.

1. Cork Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

01-cork-place-card-holders-13VIEW SOURCE

2. Vintage Silver Fork Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

02-vintage-silver-forks-place-card-holder-06VIEW SOURCE

3. Ship Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

03-party-guest-place-card-ship-14VIEW SOURCE

4. Napkin Holder Place Card | Wedding Ideas

04-napkin-holder-guest-place-card-24VIEW SOURCE

5. Bride and Groom Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

05-bride-groom-place-card-holder-19VIEW SOURCE

6. Pomegranate Place Card | Wedding Ideas

06-pomegranate-place-card-holder-04VIEW SOURCE

7. Key Escort Card | Wedding Ideas

07-guest-key-escort-cards-37VIEW SOURCE

8. Seashell Seating Card | Wedding Ideas

08-seashell-seating-cards-34VIEW SOURCE

9. Dessert Place Card | Wedding Ideas

09-party-guest-delicious-place-card-20VIEW SOURCE

10. Party Guest Place Card | Wedding Ideas

10-party-guest-escort-card-place-card-39VIEW SOURCE

11. Table Place Mat Seating Card | Wedding Ideas

11-table-place-mat-seating-card-25VIEW SOURCE

12. Acorn Place Card | Wedding Ideas

12-party-guest-acorn-place-card-05VIEW SOURCE

13. Guest Table Number | Wedding Ideas

13-wedding-guest-table-number-29VIEW SOURCE

14. Pilgrim Cap Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

14-pilgrim-cap-place-card-holder-26VIEW SOURCE

15. Glass Ornament Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

15-snow-glass-ornament-place-card-holder-18VIEW SOURCE

16. Wedding Favor Name Card | Wedding Ideas

16-wedding-favor-name-card-21VIEW SOURCE

17. Pot Escort Card | Wedding Ideas

17-wedding-guest-pot-escort-card-40VIEW SOURCE

18. Calligraphy Tile Place Card | Wedding Ideas

18-party-guest-calligraphy-tile-place-card-32VIEW SOURCE

19. Woodland Log Table Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

19-woodland-log-table-place-card-holder-07VIEW SOURCE

20. Purse Table Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

20-wedding-guest-purse-table-place-card-28VIEW SOURCE

21. Hand Print Cookie Place Card | Wedding Ideas

21-handprint-cookies-table-place-card-22VIEW SOURCE

22. Fall Leaf Table Place Card | Wedding Ideas

22-party-guest-fall-leaf-table-place-card-11VIEW SOURCE

23. Wedding Guest Name Card Polaroid | Wedding Ideas

23-wedding-guest-name-card-polaroid-23VIEW SOURCE

24. Delicious Apple Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

24-delicious-mini-apple-place-card-12VIEW SOURCE

25. Shell Seating Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

25-wedding-guest-shell-seating-card-holder-41VIEW SOURCE

26. Chalkboard Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

26-party-guest-chalkboard-place-card-holder-09VIEW SOURCE

27. Guest Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

27-party-event-guest-seating-card-35VIEW SOURCE

28. Outdoor Leaf Place Card | Wedding Ideas

28-outdoor-party-celebration-place-card-17VIEW SOURCE

29. Cork Table Place Card Holder | Wedding Ideas

29-event-guest-cork-table-place-card-15VIEW SOURCE

30. Scrabble Tile Table Place Card | Wedding Ideas

30-scrabble-tile-wedding-table-place-card-31VIEW SOURCE

Creating interesting and whimsical place cards can make your wedding guest genuinely feel extraordinary more so when you hand made the place card for all of them. You can easily design customized place card that will amaze most of your friends and family members to the table. Your wedding photographer for your momentous event will certainly capture those precious details for your wedding album.

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