Camera Buying Guide Checklist: New Versus Used Digital Camera

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You will find a huge increase in digital camera sales this holiday season, from budget compact cameras to professional grade DSLRs. An ideal time for wedding photographers to buy new gears or upgrade their existing camera equipment. However, a lot of people made quite a number of bad choices and decision as a result of lack of information when buying their camera for the first time. Some fail to consider a few important aspects when buying a digital camera for their photography or for their loved ones.

Top 5: Factors to Consider When Buying Camera

1. Establish your budget and how much you intend to spend.

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2. Check out each brand’s camera system of lenses and accessories.

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3. Make a list and decide what camera features you are looking for.

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4. Decide if you prefer a digital SLR or a Compact System Camera instead.


5. Base on budget, consider if you want a NEW or USED camera.


Getting a new digital camera includes the most recent features and technology. Additionally, it carries a warranty. Selecting a used digital camera model instead can give you huge savings and great value over the original price rate. It’s the ideal choice in case you are on a tight budget or perhaps looking at spending the savings for an extra lens. However, buying a secondhand digital camera model also carries alot of risks. You’re not aware of how well the digital camera set was looked after. You have no idea how heavily it was used. But here are points to consider when buying used camera:

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Tips On Getting A Used Camera

  1. Determine the current value of your preferred used camera.
  2. Check the controls and dials for technical defects.
  3. If you suspect the camera was stolen, don’t buy it.


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Make the most of your gear. Once you get hold of your digital camera, get to know your gear and accessories inside and out before you start taking pictures. That way, when you have mastered your camera gear and equipment, you can concentrate more on your subject – not the camera manual. Eventually, you can participate shooting and capture moments during special occasion or party celebration with your family and friends. Finally, get inspired and enhance your photography skills by subscribing to us and be the first to get the latest updates. It’s free.

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