Guide to Men’s Suit: What Grooms And Party Guest Need To Know

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Men in general totally need assistance with suits, especially for their wedding event. Choosing a men’s suit and wearing it effectively can get complicated particularly if you have little understanding on the matter. Men’s formal wear includes a tie, a suit, pants, shirt, as well as essential accessories such as cuff links. The trick is finding an exact match. In the end, looking well-defined in every suit you wear is mainly dependent on color, proportion and personal style. A polished and tailor-made suit is stylish and may give a long lasting impression that nearly anyone can achieve. Suit has grown to be an appropriate substitute for tuxedos. It’s the best option for many grooms on their wedding day.

A suit typically offer additional versatility in terms of personal style. Various brands have unique fits. For example, Prada creates suits that are usually quite fitted, Armani happens to be on the loose side and Hugo Boss typically match the tall, slim person perfectly. Pick a color ideal for your wedding or party event. Never dress in suits which are wrinkled and will not fit you. Stay away from wearing a pin striped coat or pants with either a solid coat or pants. Match your shoes with your belt and socks with your pants. Wear you slacks on your waist.


The groom and his groomsmen have a wide variety of choices nowadays when it comes with the kind of suit and color of tie they will be wearing. Look for a quality suits that will go with your budget, fit, and style, and stay with it.

Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure the suit you’re wearing matches the mood and theme of the wedding or party event being celebrated for the occasion.

Dress to Kill: Three-piece Set Suits for the Groom

The 3 piece suit is a vintage look for the sophisticated man. The idea lives anywhere on top of the regular 2 piece suit, but under a full evening wear tuxedo with regards to formality. The primary parts of a three piece suit tend to be pants, a coat and a vest.

Here are the 2011 Suit Collection from different notable fashion designers around the world for your inspiration.


TOP 5 Video Guides to Men’s Suits

Here are helpful fashion style videos by Matt Landsberg to guide the men out there. Working with and learning from master tailors, Matthas built a successful custom clothing company and started Eric Finn Custom Clothiers that is catering to the needs of numerous executives, politicians, attorneys, and professional athletes. You can see more of his video tips and some insight on the benefits of making a good impression via

These men’s suit video guides are just tips and rules that you may observe tightly or have fun with and smash at your discretion. One issue to be aware of, having said that, is that it is almost difficult to have a good match from off the rack clothing attire. A customized tailor-made wedding suit may be the final important step in ensuring your suit gets the correct proportions which will frame your body effectively.

guide-to-mens-suit-what-grooms-and-party-guest-need-to-know-14Justin Timberlake shows us how to fold a pocket square

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The Suits Of Crime

Here is an interesting round up of 45 endless parade of exquisitely tacky suits designed by Martin Scorsese as a tribute poster for the movie Casino worn by Robert De Niro over the course of the film.


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