Boxing Portraits: Manny Pacquiao and the Fighters Inside the Ring

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Howard Schatz is regarded as the most respected photographer in the world, and his photography inside world of professional boxing is extremely remarkable. He makes use of his camera to show the human form and shape while constantly recognizing the warmth and strength of the human soul. A lot of people are not aware that photographer Howard Schatz was actually a doctor. His medical background makes it possible for him in creating uniquely illustrated view of the body.

Your sport has movement, a photograph is still, your sport has depth, photograph is flat, your sport has sound, a photograph is quiet. How do we make a photograph that depicts the passionate effort that you have to exert to be a champion? – Howard Schatz

One of his subject for his Boxing series was Philippine Boxing Champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao who just recently won against his third fight with Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas last November 12. Let’s view some of the incredible work and fine art portraits of various boxing characters captured by Howard Schatz photography.

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-01-05Portrait #01: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-02Portrait #02: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-03Portrait #03: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-04-07Portrait #04: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-05-01Portrait #05: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-06-04Portrait #06: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-07-06Portrait #07: Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-08-26Portrait #08: Devon Alexander

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-09-11Portrait #09: Vic Darchinyan

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-10-22Portrait #10: Joseph Agbeko

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-11-10Portrait #11: Joseph Agbeko

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-12-27Portrait #12: Sergio Martinez

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-13-16Portrait #13: Andre Ward

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-14-24Portrait #14: Edison Miranda

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-15-12Portrait #15: Yonnhy Perez

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-16-20Portrait #16: Shane Mosley

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-17-23Portrait #17: Andre Berto

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-18-17Portrait #18: Carl Froch of The Super Six

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-19-15Portrait #19: Mikkel Kessler of The Super Six

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-20-18Portrait #20: Andre Dirrell of The Super Six

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-21-19Portrait #21: Allan Green of The Super Six

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-22-25Portrait #22: Mike Tyson

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-23-09Portrait #23: The Bantamweights

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-24-13Portrait #24: Ward, Kessler, Dirrell, Abraham, Froch, and Green of The Super Six

Behind the Camera: Photoshoot with The Super Six Boxers

Camera Gear And Lighting Techniques Used

Camera: Hasselblad H2 with Leaf Aptus 75 digital back and 80mm lens, set on tripod six feet back. Shot at 1/125, f11, ISO 50.

Lighting: The key light is a medium striplight at f22 boomed slightly in front of, and above, the boxer, angled down.This gives the highlights on the head and on the arms. Another medium striplight at f22 is positioned low and directly in front of him, angled up. This gives the glow on his lower forearms, shorts, face and gloves. Two small strip lights at f22 are set low and behind the boxer, left and right of him, angled up.

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