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Most people hopes for the best on their memorable wedding. Your digital wedding photography, stunning wedding dress, delicious wedding cakes, elaborate wedding invitations and just about all additional wedding stuff are essential to your wedding. However, it will not be effective not having the ideal bridal car that is going to transport you to the most significant time in your life – your wedding day event.

You will be putting most of your energy and effort on your special occasion. You need to check and ensure that the bridal car rental company holds a dedication for the car rental service and stay fully aware to help you through the day. Select a wedding transportation you are going to be very happy to look at while in your bridal pictorial photography. Make sure you can fit into your bridal car when you’re in your wedding gown. Strive not to become distracted by the fine detail of choosing your wedding transportation.

Get yourself a wedding car rundown for carrying you and your wedding party guest at the right time with style. What type of wedding transportation would you prefer?


1. Romantic Wedding Horse-Drawn Carriage

Great for a fairytale or Victorian Theme wedding for that romantic wedding ride.

01-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspirationWedding Transportation #01 | Photo via Stylish Photo

02-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-41Wedding Transportation #02 | Photo via Matt Hadley


2. Rustic Wedding Pickup Truck Or Wagon

A wedding pickup truck or wagon are the best choice for transporting wedding guests together.

03-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspirationWedding Transportation #03 | Photo via Fancy Fin Photography

04-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspirationWedding Transportation #04 | Photo via Joey.benton


3. Vintage Wedding Bicycle Or Pedicab

A unique way of celebrating your wedding as you blaze your way to the ceremony.

05-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspirationWedding Transportation #05 | Photo via Austin Wedding Blog

06-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspirationWedding Transportation #06 | Photo via Portlandpedalworks

07-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspirationWedding Transportation #07 | Photo via lulife


4. Nostalgic Wedding Bus Or Van

Wedding vans can provide great value for your wedding budget. Some are designed with fabulous interiors. Your wedding party guests can loosen up and have fun on their way to your wedding event because of that huge space.

08-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspirationWedding Transportation #08 | Photo via Cactusmelba

09-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-40Wedding Transportation #09 | Photo via Hollie*d4

10-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-71Wedding Transportation #10 | Photo via Lechatbon

11-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-72Wedding Transportation #11 | Photo via JKmedia

12-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-36Wedding Transportation #12 | Photo via Kenjonbro

13-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-74Wedding Transportation #13 | Photo via Scarycrow

14-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-70Wedding Transportation #14 | Photo via Chris Quinnell


5. Chauffeured White Wedding Taxi Cab

Your chauffeur or driver will wait and connect with your wedding photographer to arrange your wedding taxi to be in the best place for the photographs prior to taking the bride and groom on to the reception.

15-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-70Wedding Transportation #15 | Photo via Martha_W


6. Contemporary High-end Limousine

A strong alternative to vintage bridal cars, you will feel just like a VIP with this timeless grand luxury limousine. Many types feature audio players, TVs, stocked bars, and mini-refrigerators. Limos also provide benches across the inside of the wedding car. This way, the bridal party can face one another, supplying the ideal setup for pre-wedding toasting.

16-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-65Wedding Transportation #16 | Photo via Smilingcooling

17-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-65Wedding Transportation #17 | Photo via Lu-Gu

18-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-34Wedding Transportation #18 | Photo via Achimh


7. Charter A Fascinating Wedding Helicopter Flight

Traveling by helicopter is a marvellous choice if you have a prolonged distance to travel, if you want to arrive at the wedding reception just before your guests. You wish to be there in time for photos or just simply because you have always dreamed it. The venue will have to present you with permission and you will need to make sure that there is sufficient space for the helicopter to land.

19-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspirationWedding Transportation #19 | Photo via Tannerochel


8. Super Fast Wedding Car

If you’ve always dreamed of driving an Aston Martin or Ferrari, why not hire a sports car for your wedding theme.

20-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-26Wedding Transportation #20 | Photo via Yateski

21-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-06Wedding Transportation #21 | Photo via Rat Rod Studios

22-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-12Wedding Transportation #22 | Photo via Hipwell Photography

23-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-38Wedding Transportation #23 | Photo via Kenjonbro

24-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-10Wedding Transportation #24 | Photo via Robwiddowson


9. Timeless Classic Bridal Cars

The most popular type of wedding transportation is the classic vintage car like the Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes or Daimler. Old model and luxury cars are among the most fashionable styles of cars used in weddings. Vintage wedding cars create opportunity for a spectacular bridal portrait while the bride and groom make those sweet moves as they set the stage for a timeless wedding portrait.

25-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-62Wedding Transportation #25 | Photo via Ade-Wales

26-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-35Wedding Transportation #26 | Photo via Kenjonbro

27-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-55Wedding Transportation #27 | Photo via Hannes Frick

28-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-29Wedding Transportation #28 | Photo via Calypso Wedding Cars of Wigan

29-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-16Wedding Transportation #29 | Photo via Capo2

30-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-22Wedding Transportation #30 | Photo via Rich Lewis

Wedding Transportation #31 | Photo via Bulettchen333

32-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-09Wedding Transportation #32 | Photo via Dseang

34-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-57Wedding Transportation #34 | Photo via James Tompkins

35-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-63Wedding Transportation #35 | Photo via Louis Abate

36-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-64Wedding Transportation #36 | Photo via L Carroll

37-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-68Wedding Transportation #37 | Photo via Daryl Chapman-Bauhinia Photography

38-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-08Wedding Transportation #38 | Photo via Macieklew

39-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-50Wedding Transportation #39 | Photo via SergeBabs


10. Old Fashion Wedding Trolley

Great option for traveling in style that can accommodate large groups of people.

40-wedding-transportation-ideas-with-bridal-car-photography-inspiration-20Wedding Transportation #40 | Photo via Sunsetcoasttrolley

How to Decorate Your Bridal Car

Get the wedding car at the most reasonable price and decorate it. You need your wedding to be perfect from start to end. Your choice of bridal car could help make that dream a reality and can produce unique bridal portraits that will be remembered for a lifetime and captured in your wedding photography.

Check out this video and be guided on how to decorate your bridal car.

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