Scary Infographic Stats and Analysis You Might Not Heard Of

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Halloween is one of the oldest holidays that is celebrated around the world. Almost everybody would love to be snapped by cameras as they strike a pose with their horror costumes. However, there are still those who just simply fear having their picture taken for a number of reasons. As a professional portrait photographer, you need to establish a rapport with your client and face the challenge of making them feel comfortable by engaging with you and not the camera.

Speaking of fear, halloween is the best time to wear your scary costumes and celebrate the party with your close family and friends. Some of us enjoy every moment of the event, while others are still stuck with fear of the unknown. Here is a roundup of 15 scary stats and analysis that you might not heard yet from your social network of friends, all in a well-designed infographic. Just click on the image to view the large version.

1. Stay safe on the darker sides of halloween.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-01via HalloweenExpress

2. Find out those spooky paranormal beliefs.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-02via LiveScience

3. Protect your house from ghost.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-03via VisualNews

4. Getting some nightmares while sleeping?

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-04via ContentGladiator

5. What are you afraid of?

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-05via Sortable

6. Watch out for the dreaded scam.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-06via BBB

7. Negative reviews that might kill your business.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-07via 540seo

8. Beware of monster clients.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-08via Pandadesk

9. Getting fired and loosing your job.


10. Tiny creatures that reside in your house.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-10via Dailyinfographic

11. Internet trolls that haunts you.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-11via InfographicsArchive

12. Creepy facts about sitting down.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-12via Mashable

13. Surviving illness with lifetime of medical checkup.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-13via Nerdcrunch

14. Shocking real life assassins.


15. Twenty-five documents you need before you die.

scary-infographic-stats-and-analysis-you-might-not-heard-of-15via Online.wsj

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