Nikon D3 DSLR As Fully Functional Halloween Costume For Photographers

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Thinking of what halloween costume to wear for your event? Everyone has to come to the party event wearing their costume to celebrate the Halloween. As a photographer, you need a costume that does not hamper your shooting style being an active photographer for the occasion.

Card carrying camera geek Tyler Card designed an awesome halloween costume look-alike of the Nikon D3 Digital SLR camera that is perfect for controlling his wireless strobes and SB900 flash as he walks in and around taking photos using the remote shutter cable.


After that you can look at the captured image showing on the cardboard costume’s back with built-in Laptop LCD screen.


Let’s watch the video he created and be surprised on how it’s made and the incredible photos taken by this type of camera costume simply by a push of a button.


You can see more about Tyler Card via Tumblr, his images via Flickr, and his website.

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