Food Photography Lighting Tips With 30 Halloween Party Treats

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An effective food photograph will be able to express feelings of comfort, awaken loving memories, create fantasies, or simply to make you hungry. It is able to move people running to a totally new restaurant or raise the revenue of a food publication. Shooting that best image demands an artistic eye, finesse, a sense of design, and photographic technique. The main difference between a good image and a great one can often be the way the photograph has been illuminated. Photographers need to understand how to adjust and change light. Like wedding and portrait photography, food photography comes with its own lighting needs and problems, and the different methods for handling them.

Lighting Tips with Food Photography:

  1. Work with a medium focal-length camera lens to allow additional space to set lights between the camera and your subject.
  2. A basic reflector works extremely well, inside or out, to help lighten up shadows.
  3. Try out the positioning and power of lights to produce totally different effects.
  4. When using flash outside, makes use of the shutter speed to modify the level of ambient light.

If you happen to be working with only ambient light for illumination, the shutter speed is going to be much slower when shooting indoors. It will normally be challenging to prevent camera shake when shooting handheld. Having a tripod will help. You can raise the ISO sensitivity, but this can affect the total amount of image noise, which subsequently may lessen any fine details in the photograph. Because of that, you need a few extra illumination in addition to the ambient room light. With getting rid of shadows from your images, you ought to stick to the same guidelines as when lighting a portrait image with the use of a reflector. Another method to soften shadows, or even remove them totally, is to use fill-in flash. Do take note that it should complement and not overpower the ambient light.

Rick Gayle On Food Photography

On this video, Rick Gayle will show us his photo shoot set up that he just did for one of his clients. You can view more of Rick Gayle’s delicious portfolio here.

Gears featured on this video can be bought at Adorama

  • Canon 1DS Mark 3 with a 24-105 f/4 L Canon lens on 9′ regal monopod.
  • 2 dynalite 1000 watt power packs
  • 1 head with a 20 degree grid and a piece of tuff frost.
  • 1 head with a 10 degree grid and a piece of tuff frost.
  • 1 med chimera on a c-stand pushing through a diffusion panel of tuff frost.

Final Image from the Video


Halloween party is among the best occasions to put your scary and creative side to work. Have you ever began planning on what you’re going to serve for your Halloween Party? Get inspired by these enchanting treats and mouth watering ideas to get you in the mood. Cast your spell and make the holiday extraordinary with your spooky yet tasty food photography.

1. Terrifying Tarantulas

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-01-17Photo via Cupcakesandsundry

2. Tombstone Cookies

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-02-15Photo via Cookieartisan

3. Mummy Meatloaf

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-03-44Photo via Kneadspeed

4. Screaming Bread

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-04-40Photo via Pinterest

5. Halloween Cupcake

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-05-19Photo via Familyspiceblog

6. Spiderweb Cheesecake

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-06-25Photo via Epicureanmom

7. Finger Bites

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-07-16Photo via Forkable Blog

8. Veggie Skeleton

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-08-31Photo via Feedingfourlittlemonkeys

9. Delicious Graveyard

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-09-09Photo via ISOgina

10. White Chocolate Cardamom Truffles

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-10-29Photo via Donutstodelirium

11. Stuffed Pepper Heads

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-11-33Photo via Meganscookin

12. Taco Graveyard Dip

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-12-35Photo via BHG

13. Meat Head

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-13-10Photo via Emergencyfan2000

14. Licorice-Eared Mice

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-14-37Photo via Countryliving

15. Medusa Cake

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-15-27Photo via Iammommy

16. Pumpkin Rice Krispies

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-16-23Photo via 3kidsandus

17. Scary Treats

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-17-28Photo via Billbrady

18. Spooky Candy Corn

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-18-30Photo via Purejoyeventsblog

19. Bat Surprises

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-19-18Photo via ConsumedbyCake

20. Halloween Puff Pastry Intestines

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-20-34Photo via Theknead4speed

21. Hot Dog Mummies

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-21-22Photo via Anotherlunch

22. Pumpkin Head

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-22-20Photo via Couponclippingcook

23. Shrunken Apple Heads

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-23-32Photo via Ourbestbites

24. Meringue Ghosts

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-24-26Photo via Skinnytaste

25. Watermelon Brain

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-25-03Photo via Norwichnuts

26. Monster Cupcake

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-26-36Photo via Makoodle

27. Pretzel Broomsticks

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-27-39Photo via Megaspooky

28. Mini-Pumpkin Cakes

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-28-38Photo via Countryliving

29. Jello Worms

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-29-21Photo via Melskitchencafe

30. Halloween Caramel Apple

food-photography-lighting-tips-with-halloween-party-treats-30-42Photo via Williams-sonoma

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