Cool Animal T-Shirt Designs For Pet Photographers And Dog Lovers

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Amazing photos of dogs can be seen all around us, including magazines, and greeting cards. But getting comparable image quality and expressions with the pets you share your life with is usually a challenge. Understanding the essentials of photographing dogs, including camera selection and accessories, irrespective of your gear equipment or existing experience level will help you get started. You can learn more on our previous post about dog portrait photography using props. Do check it out.

In the mean time, allow me to show you these almost real digital art paintings of each dog’s big face designed on tshirts that will awaken your soul and those adorable staring eyes that will make you laugh. It can also be the best gift for animal lovers that they can wear on party event celebration as well. You can see more on these carefully crafted hand dyed Mountain tees designed by the America’s greenest company here and be inspired by their artful masterpieces.

German Shepherd Face


Black Lab Face


Bulldog Face


Rottweiler Face


Golden Face


Boxer Face


Pitt Bull Face


Doberman Face


Mastiff Face

09-cool-animal-tshirt-design-for-pet-photographers-and-dog-lovers-Mastiff Face

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