30 Useful Ways To Display And Share Your Photos In Style

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One of the best methods to prevent your photographs being misplaced or forgotten is to get them away from that hidden area of your hard drive and onto something tangible where people definitely will see them. If you have been snapping pictures alone, with friends, or with your family, don’t just keep it on your hard drive. Do something with your captured images. Here are a bunch of ideas.

1. Present as a photobook

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-01Photo Albums by iFoto Xpressions Studio

Photobooks are the modern and better method to creating photo albums. Photobooks are available in many shapes and sizes, in hardback or softback, on black, white or colored paper of different weights and textures. A range of templates enable you to lay out your pictures in a variety of ways or you can design and upload your own template. They are the best way to preserve your memories, produce portfolio books or simply make wonderful, unique gifts.

2. Put in digital photo frame


With a ordinary photo frame, you put one picture inside it. Soon after a while, it becomes part of the furniture. Then you cease to see it, while it slowly fades away. In contrast, a digital photo frame displays continuously changing slideshow of photographs. So, whenever you look at it you’re able to view a different photo. It’s a fantastic way of getting any friends and family photos to life.

3. Create an online portfolio gallery

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-03Photo by Dave Hill

If you preferred to exhibit your photographs to the public two decades ago you’d have needed to employ the service of a venue and have prints produced. Right now it’s easier and cheaper than ever and you can hit a much bigger audience. When it comes to displaying your photographs online there are many possibilities, from building your own custom website, with your own URL (which is a great way when you plan to turn pro or aspire to be a professional photographer) to using a photo-sharing website. You can choose to share your pictures with just your family or the world.

4. Give as a business card

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-04Photo via Moo Flickr Group

The best way to network with people is by giving them your business card. These are often the first impression people take of you and your business. Make sure it’s the right impression by choosing the right visual design and paper stock that reflects you. If it’s a picture card or you include a few images inside it, it can be a great portfolio to show off straight from your pocket.

5. Turn it into digital paintings or pop art photos

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-05Photo by *WarrenLouw

Have your ordinary large photo prints transform into amazing fine art digital paintings that you can display anywhere you like. Or with proper use of color and images, a sprinkle of humor and a bucket load of talent, the pop-art effect on your photos can be really impressive.

6. Create Animoto music videos

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-06Check out Animoto

Animoto turns your photos from the pictures of your friend’s wedding, a baby shower, birthdays, anniversaries, or that Facebook album into video masterpieces to share with everyone… in minutes!

7. Upload to online forums or photo-sharing sites

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-07Photo by Peterbaker

The best way to grow as a photographer is to learn from your friends, even if they’re giving helpful criticism or discussing their techniques and gear in the discussion forums. Besides asking for comment on your own work you can spend hours getting ideas and inspiration from the work of other people. If you’ve got a particular interest, you’ll find there are groups focused on just that topic that you can join and engage with.

8. Create a scrapbook or photo collages

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-08Photo by Polyvore

Get your creative juices flowing. Use your creative ideas to preserve and maintain your memories for ages to come. Make your scrapbooks a reflection of your emotions for every kind of occasion. Plan or outline your scrapbook layout to help you get started and give you an overview of your entire project. Think how you willl arrange your photos and how the different elements of your page mesh together before you even start scrapping. Assemble your favorite photos into an artistic collage. You can take in a whole party event in one glance.

9. Convert into canvas photos in wooden stretcher

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-09Photo by The Stig 2009

There’s nothing like the flexibility of being able to shake off a photo print and convert it into canvas, immediately, whenever you need to have one, or being able to produce your own personal fine art or wall art portrait printed in canvas and have it exactly as you want them.

10. Have it print and a lot more..

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-10Photo by Jean-Philippe Barralis

Getting prints produced from your best photographs is still a great way to bring your images to life. Place them in frames, or albums, or blow them up and display them as a wall art portrait. Better still, present them as gifts. We’re so used to simply viewing images on a monitor these days that receiving a print as a gift idea will delight most people. There’s certainly no lack of places to get photo prints from.

Plus 20 More Creative Ways To Show Off

  1. Newsletters
  2. Catalogues
  3. Microstock
  4. Invitation Cards
  5. Greeting Cards
  6. Website
  7. Billboard
  8. Company ID
  9. Advertising
  10. Poster
  11. Sreensaver
  12. Wallpaper
  13. Photo Widget
  14. Avatar
  15. As souvenir for weddings and events:

  16. Photo Pilliow
  17. Photo Calendar
  18. Photo Mugs
  19. Photo Shirts
  20. Photo Keychains
  21. Photobooth Prints

30-useful-ways-to-display-and-share-your-photos-in-style-11Photo by Michael Aw

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