Wedding Flower Meanings With 32 Macro Flower Photography Inspiration

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Flowers are an integral part of our party events and special occasions that brings us to nature. They are noticeably displayed on weddings, birthdays, funerals, graduation, and alot more to name a few.. making an essential part of our lives.

The guests get a feeling of the groom and bride’s personalities on their wedding through various floral arrangements and flower bouquets. Although modern wedding flowers change seasonally, the rose remains to be the most widely used bouquet of choice; Lilies, orchids, tulips and hydrangeas are selected for the modern look.

In the time of the Victorian era, The Language of Flowers produced an enchanting language for lovers through which flowers were substituted for words. Want to make sure your wedding flower is delivering the best message? We’ve got the 30 most popular wedding flowers and their meanings captured using macro photography. Each flower is shrouded by illusive mysterious aura, and magic mood which is given to all people without exception, whether it is a man or a woman, a small child or a grown up person.

Wedding Flower #1: Amaryllis

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-01-amaryllisThe Amaryllis stands for pride and determination. It symbolizes radiant beauty as well. Photo by Paul-W via Flickr.


Wedding Flower #2: Ginger

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-02-GingerGinger represents energy and security that is fulfilling and comforting. Photo by Hcanjura via Flickr


Wedding Flower #3: Anemone

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-03-AnemoneAnemones indicate expectation. Believed to bring good luck and safeguard against evil. Photo by HdB1973 via Flickr


Wedding Flower #4: Anthurium

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-04-AnthuriumBecause of their wide open, heart-shaped blossoms and tropical disposition, it’s no surprise that anthurium began to signify hospitality. Photo by Didier95 via Flickr


Wedding Flower #5: Honeysuckle

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-05-HoneysuckleThe flower meaning linked to the honeysuckle is actually love connection. Photo by Annemiel via Flickr


Wedding Flower #6: Bells Of Ireland

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-06-bells-of-irelandEver since Victorian times, Bells of Ireland happen to be regarded as a mark of good luck. It’s the ideal flower to give to a person beginning a fresh job or perhaps relocating to a different home. Photo by Tank707 via Flickr


Wedding Flower #7: Alstromeria

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-07-AlstromeriaAlstroemeria flower is synonymous with wealth and fortune. Additionally, it is the flower of friendship. Photo by Rainer Fritz via Flickr


Wedding Flower #8: Calla Lily

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-08-calla-lilyCalla lily symbolizes magnificent beauty. Photo by Bahman Farzad via Flickr


Wedding Flower #9: Daffodil

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-09-daffodilDaffodil signify chivalry and sunshine. It means the sun shines when I’m with you. Photo by Opal692 via Flickr


Wedding Flower #10: Camellia

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-10-camelliaThe representational meaning of camellia flowers is affection, excellence and nobility of thinking. The colors possess special symbolic meanings including innate worth, adoration, perfection and loveliness for the white colors; longing for the pink colors; and flame in heart or superiority with red colors. Photo by SplutterBug via Flickr


Wedding Flower #11: Freesia

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-11-FreesiaFreesia is very fragrant and is used as filler in floral arrangements. It symbolize innocence and thoughtfulness. Photo by Lord V via Flickr


Wedding Flower #12: Gardenia

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-12-GardeniaGardenia symbolizes purity and sweetness. They indicate secret love. They tell the receiver you are lovely and convey happiness. Photo by Jam343 via Flickr


Wedding Flower #13: Chrysanthemums

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-13-ChrysanthemumsIn Japan, there’s even a “Festival of Happiness” to celebrate this flower each year. A red chrysanthemum conveys love; a white chrysanthemum symbolizes truth and loyal love while a yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes slighted love. Photo by Brianhopper via Flickr


Wedding Flower #14: Begonia

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-14-BegoniaBegonia signify deep thoughts and suspicion. Photo by Lord V via Flickr


Wedding Flower #15: Magnolia

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-15-MagnoliaThe Magnolia flower symbolism associated with perseverance and love of nature. Photo by Steve Guillory via Flickr


Wedding Flower #16: Lilac

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-16-LilacThe flower symbolism associated with the lilac is beauty and youthful innocence. Photo by Kyrie09 via Flickr


Wedding Flower #17: Iris

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-17-IrisThe flower symbolism associated with the iris is faith, cherished friendship, hope, and wisdom. Photo by Limone via Flickr


Wedding Flower #18: Rose

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-18-RosebudThe flower symbolism associated with roses is love, remembrance, passion (red); purity (white); happiness (pink); infidelity (yellow); unconscious beauty, I love you. Photo by Harold Davis via Flickr


Wedding Flower #19: Poppy

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-19-PoppyThe flower symbolism associated with poppies is beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life. Photo by Annkelliott via Flickr


Wedding Flower #20: Queen Anne’s Lace

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-20-Queen-Anne-LaceQueen Anne’s Lace signify haven and sanctuary. Photo by Ben_D via Flickr


Wedding Flower #21: Buttercup

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-21-RanunculusThe flower symbolism associated with buttercups is humility, neatness, and childishness. Photo by Johnboy125 via Flickr


Wedding Flower #22: Orchid

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-22-OrchidOrchid means rare beauty and love. Among the many different types of flowers available, the orchid holds a special place as one of the most alluring and captivating, making them a special choice for the treasured people in your life. Photo by Sypix via Flickr


Wedding Flower #23: Sunflower

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-23-SunflowerWith the sense of brightness and warmth that sunflowers naturally impart, they have become an ideal choice for sending sentiments of cheerfulness and sunny get well thoughts. It means adoration and longevity. Photo by Tiwago via Flickr


Wedding Flower #24: Sweet Pea

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-24-Lathyrus-odoratusThe flower symbolism associated with sweet peas is bliss, delicate pleasure, good-bye, departure, adieu and thank you for a lovely time. Photo by Dragonflysky via Flickr


Wedding Flower #25: Cornflower

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-25-CornflowerThe flower symbolism associated with bachelor buttons is celibacy and hope in love. Photo by Sense Media Photography via Flickr


Wedding Flower #26: Tulip

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-26-TulipThe flower symbolism associated with tulips is fame and perfect love. The symbolic meanings also change with the color of the tulips. Red tulips mean “believe me” and are a declaration of love. Variegated tulips mean “you have beautiful eyes.” Yellow tulips mean “there’s sunshine in your smile.” And cream colored tulips mean “I will love you forever.” Photo by Moontrippers via Flickr


Wedding Flower #27: Azalea

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-27-AzaleaThe flower symbolism associated with azaleas is temperance, passion, womanhood (China), take care of yourself for me and fragility. Photo by Baku2 via Flickr


Wedding Flower #28: Crocus

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-28-CrocusCrocus flower is always associated with youthful joy and merriment. Photo by DigitalTrinity via Flickr


Wedding Flower #29: Lily of the Valley

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-29-Lily-of-the-ValleyThis delicate Lily of the Valley flower signifies sweetness and renewed happiness. The flowers are very traditional wedding symbols. Photo by Seaside Photographer via Flickr


Wedding Flower #30: Myrtle

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-30-MyrtleMyrtle is the emblem of marriage and love. Photo by Tanakawho via Flickr


Wedding Flower #31: Sweet William

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-31-Dianthus-barbatusThe gift of a Sweet William indicates yearning and a wish for a smile! Photo by Foxhill via Flickr


Wedding Flower #32: Hyacinth

wedding-flower-meanings-with-32-macro-flower-photography-inspiration-32-hyacinthThe flower symbolism associated with the hyacinth is games, sports, rashness, and playful joy. Photo by Xenonb via Flickr

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