15 Strange Beauty of Gems and Minerals On Paintings With Meanings

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Toronto-based artist Carly Waito’s small oil paintings of gems and mineral stone specimen captivated our eyes. The detailed paintings showing the crystalline structure and shape variation is noteworthy and insanely perfect renditions of semi-precious gems and crystals that some of us wear next to our skin. Get to see more of Carly Waito’s Specimens at Narwhal Art Projects or drop by her official website here.

On her interview via Iceberg.com, Carly Waito describes her art process:

I begin by photographing each specimen using my DSLR with a macro lens. I use an intricate set-up of lights and mirrors to capture the qualities of each specimen, such as directing reflected light on certain facets to highlight the specimen’s geometry and surface texture, but allowing deep interior views through other facets, to show its color and transparency.

Here is her first rock collection. Her most treasured childhood artifact.


Some believes in the metaphysical healing power of the mineral stones which I have included as a description for each stone portrayed in paintings. So immerse yourself in the world of gems and minerals with their meanings and be mesmerize on the science behind their origins and magic of each paintings.

1. Smoky Quartz 3 . 11 x 10″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-01Smokey Quartz allows you to let go of willfulness and headstrong tendencies. It has the capacity to convert negative energy, and it is good at coping with anger and resentments. It is a stone that will help you be right here, in the moment. Find out more about Smoky Quartz via Wikipedia


2. Amethyst 6 . 8 x 9″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-02Amethyst is a stone of the mind. It aids you to bring in tranquility and understanding when there is worry and frustration. Amethyst can help if you wish to communicate with your intuition, your emotions, or your values. Find out more about Amethyst via Wikipedia


3. Vesuvianite . 8 x 11″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-03Vesuvianite is magnificent green stone that can generate a sense of inner security because it aids you to crease negative thought behaviour which has been stopping you to move forward. Find out more about Vesuvianite via Wikipedia


4. Dioptase . 10 x 9″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-04Dioptase is an effective stone to bring about love and compassion and aid in emotional distress. The stunning green ray of dioptase renders it a heart stone on several levels. Find out more about Dioptase via Wikipedia


5. Pyrite 2 . 10 x 10″ . Oil on Panel

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-05Being similar to gold, pyrite is a classic symbol for money and good fortune. The bright golden color connects it with the sun’s rays, and along with fortification and conditioning of the mind. The name originates from the Greek word meaning “a stone which strikes fire”. Find out more about Pyrite via Wikipedia


6. Hessonite . 6 x 6″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-06Hessonite is also referred to as Gomedh in India. It is a semi-precious stone, utilized to defend against the evil influence of Rahu (dragons’s head). It can be used for ailments including acidity. The stone helps with advancement of finance, health and happiness. Find out more about Hessonite via Wikipedia


7. Sphalerite . 8 x 9″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-07Sphalerite is a mineral of power, strength and grounding. It is utilized to balance and ground the higher chakras with the lower chakra energies. Find out more about Sphalerite via Wikipedia


8. Topaz . 10 x 11″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-08Topaz stimulates individuality and creativity, while giving self confidence within your choices. Helps to eliminate doubts about your decisions, and encourages the expression of ideas. Find out more about Topaz via Wikipedia


9. Spessartine . 10 x 8″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-09Spessartine heals the reproductive and digestive systems, boosting food intolerances, and is also used as an antidepressant. It is used to power up the analytical functions of the mind, to ease fears and provide confidence to improve one’s life. Find out more about Spessartine via Wikipedia


10. Barite 2 . 5 x 6.5″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-10Barite fortifies your boundaries and increases your capability to stand alone. It sets you free and good for friendships because it brings insight into your relationships. Find out more about Barite via Wikipedia


11. Hematite . 6.75 x 4.75″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-11Hematite assists one deal with issues in ones own mind, and can come in handy for a mental “tune up”. It helps memory enhancement, unique thinking and technical knowledge. Beneficial stone for IT personnel. Find out more about Hematite via Wikipedia


12. Bornite . 7 x 6.5 . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-12Bornite shields one from negative energy. Gives awareness to the challenges that may hinder ones progress for a particular goal. Find out more about Bornite via Wikipedia


13. Multicoloured Tourmaline . 5 x 6.5″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-13Tourmaline is suggested gemstone for people desiring to strengthen their financial position and status. Also, it is great for students eager to have a better concentration with their studies. Find out more about Tourmaline via Wikipedia


14. Fluorite 2 . 10 x 12″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-14Fluorite can assist in maximizing your concentration, and improve your intuition. It can help you keep a neutral impartiality when decisions are needed by eliminating you emotional contribution in a situation. Find out more about Fluorite via Wikipedia


15. Rhodochrosite . 4.5 x 6.625″ . Oil on Masonite

strange-beauty-of-gems-and-minerals-on-paintings-with-their-meanings-15Rhodochrosite is called “Rose stone” by the Greeks. Find out more about Rhodochrosite via Wikipedia

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