Photography Techniques: 40 Baby Portrait Design Using Props

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Portraits of newborns and infants are some of the most fulfilling and delightful images in photography which you can display as a wall art portrait as well. Photographers will come across a great deal of challenges when taking photos and posing babies from birth all the way through five months. These little subjects are likely to move out of every spot we put them in. They cannot take instruction to create the absolute best view so using a number of props will bring them at a pleasing perspective to the camera.

Get creative and resourceful with props which you can pick around your family home to set the baby inside or on it. Have a diverse range of fabrics and blankets as a backdrop. Dress up and accessorize your baby with dresses, scarves, hats and shoes when possible. You may try a variety of costumes for the portrait concept you want to come up with.

Photographing newborns can be sloppy so take your time to capture all the shot angle you can. Get closer to capture the tiny details and avoid using flash. Try to capture images of your baby in colored as well as in black and white. If you want a professional looking image of your baby that will be cherish for a lifetime, hire a professional photographer to do it for you. Meanwhile, let me get you inspired with using creative props to enhance your portrait even more. If you have additional suggestions, you may leave your comments below.


Photography Inspiration #01 / Photo by Willemke via Flickr


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Photography Inspiration #24 / Photo by Willemke via Flickr

Plus 16 More Baby Photography Ideas

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