Table Napkin Folding Design Tips With A Twist: 20 Helpful Guide Videos

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Weddings and party event celebration are great ways to set your party or dining tables apart using different table napkin folding techniques to impress your guest. A well-dressed table is not complete with no folded napkin skillfully embellishing each table, providing your guests a tempting touch of the cooking delights coming. Napkins need not be a boring and monotonous square of table set decor on a beautiful table. A distinctively-folded napkin will certainly bring that je ne sais quoi designed to make your guests talk about your event for several days! It takes the standard methods of the Japanese paper-folding fine art and uses it to the lowly napkin.

Why fold a napkin into a regular square when it can become a lotus, swan, or simply an elf boot for your kids party celebration? Discover more about napkin folding design ideas and techniques for your wedding or party event celebration with these 20 helpful video guides on how to fold napkins.

01 How to Fold Napkins the French Way


02 How to Fold Napkins into Envelope Shapes

03 How to Fold Napkins into Fleur-de-Lis Shapes

04 How to Fold Napkins into Pyramid Shapes

05 How to Fold Napkins into Silverware Pouches

06 How To Fold A Swan Napkin

07 How To Fold A Bird Of Paradise Napkin

08 How To Fold A Fan Napkin

09 How To Fold A Mitre Napkin

10 How To Fold A Lily Napkin

11 How To Fold A Lotus Napkin

12 How To Fold A Heart Napkin

13 How To Do Fancy Napkin Folding

14 How To Use Napkin Rings

15 How To Fold A Elf Boot Napkin

16 How To Fold A Dinner Jacket Napkin

17 How To Fold A Ballerina Napkin

18 How To Fold A Glacier Napkin

19 How To Fold A Tango Napkin

20 How To Make Christmas Napkins

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