Top 5 Factors That Determine Your Photographic Style

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Your photographic style is what sets your work apart from the rest. If you allow yourself to shoot whatever moves you and let yourself be carried away with your art, this can help you focus on your true passion and let your images shine.

1. Viewpoint

Just how do you normally envision and capture your subject that will give a sensation of volume, depth, space, and distance? Do you tend to prefer a specific angle or extraordinary perspective that you frequently use in your project or work?

01-top-5-factors-that-determine-your-photographic-stylePhoto via Luc Viatour

2. Strategy

Your photography techniques and methods is very important for the development of your talent and skills. Do you tend to use a zoom lens to produce your images? Or you prefer a wide-angle? The tools you decide on most will influence the look of your work.

02-top-5-factors-that-determine-your-photographic-stylePhoto via Avi_Abrams

3. Arrangement

Understanding how to separate your primary subject from the outside world will effortlessly pull your eye to the main point of interest. Examine your whole frame. Do you actually have a tendency to fill it up with details? Hue? Texture? Negative space? There could be one common thread in between your photographs.

03-top-5-factors-that-determine-your-photographic-stylePhoto via Panga_ua

4. Illumination

Learning to manipulate the scene through lighting can create an effect you want to envision. How do you deal with light, sunlight, overcast days or fill in flash? Do you tend to use natural or artificial light to illuminate your subject? Your lighting methods will bring a natural feel to your entire body of work.

04-top-5-factors-that-determine-your-photographic-stylePhoto via A Digital Cure

5. Workflow

A solid workflow is a must in digital photography to prepare your images professionally for the web and print. Digital photographs usually are artistically modified and enhanced inside the digital darkroom. It’s likely that you process a lot of your work in familiar ways. Focusing on the outcome, you may start to understand that specific style that makes your photographs distinctly your own.

05-top-5-factors-that-determine-your-photographic-stylePhoto via Jack_Breadmore

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