Photography Guide: 27 Creative Self-Portrait Ideas To Show Off

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Self-portrait is actually an exploration, a chance to start to see beyond the image inside the mirror and start to search into the soul. Self-portraits has become an approach to self-exploration ever since people started to gazed at their own unique reflection in the water. Because of the creation of mirrors, there emerged a much greater interest to capture one’s likeness.

Self-portraits are carefully staged to demonstrate to the viewers exactly what the artist wants to project. Self-portraits continues to be utilized to check fresh techniques and produce a signature mark. Regardless of what method the artists prefer to create their own photographs, they can be compelled to examine their own personas both emotionally and physically.

Some self-portraits do expose personal secrets as well as a feeling of solitude. Whatever technique is applied every artist had taken an extended literal and even figurative look at themselves.


  1. Your camera
  2. Your tripod
  3. Your flash
  4. Your remote release timer


  1. Read magazines or browse online to get some inspiration.
  2. Try a variety of camera lens and props for artistic effect.
  3. Think of a character to tell the story you want to portray.
  4. Look for creative background and environment you want to position yourself.
  5. Show some emotion and let your lighting create that dramatic mood.
  6. Look into the camera or somewhere as you pose seriously, or in a funny way.
  7. Match your clothing with the character concept you want to project.
  8. Post-process your image for creative effects using various Photoshop plugins.
  9. Choose whether you want the final image to be in color or black and white.
  10. Have it print or upload it online to show off for others to comment on.

Mr. Flibble Character In 25 Weird Incarnations

by Dominick Reed

Dominick Reed made it a habit to post a new photograph of his image everyday and used his famous character Mr Flibble to show some of his crazy antics as a result of his creative ideas.

01-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off1. Fed up

02-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off2. The brains behind the business

03-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off3. Pain

04-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off4. I have no idea what to call this one

05-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off5. They tried to peg me down…

06-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off6. Speaking at Cambridge Darkroom

07-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off7. Nothing to see here…

08-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off8. The importance of developing your own photographic style

09-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off9. Flash back

10-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off10. Photographing the wedding from hell was never going to be easy

11-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off11. Ugh

12-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off12. Flashdance

13-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off13. Piano man

14-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off14. The daily struggle

15-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off15. The best medicine

16-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off16. My new contact lenses will take some getting used to

17-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off17. Happy Birthday to me…

18-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off18. Cleaning duty

19-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off19. New born

20-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off20. Quarantine again… woot!

21-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off21. An Apple a day… is getting quite expensive

22-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off22. 1972 was a very good year for lead paint

23-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off23. Can’t get the tune out of my head… for some reason…

24-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off24. Searching for inspiration

25-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off25. I’ve always sucked at Guitar Hero

26-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off26. This wasn’t the type of boxing I said I was good at…

27-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-off27. Keeping my lenses in tip top condition

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