Engagement Portrait Photography: 30 Interesting Location Ideas

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Couples have their engagement portrait shoot first, several weeks before their wedding start. On this e-session, the couple comes dressed up depending on the concept or theme they want to be captured. Forget about artificial backdrops and explore unique environments and romantic locations and have it as your backdrop.

Couples are ready to have their intimate moments captured on-location by their photographer. Most couples tend to pick places like the beach or at the park, to name a few. If you are living within the countryside area, old motels, wide open fields, and dilapidated barns can give you unique photographs. If you live in a city, a vintage signage, graffiti, and brick walls can make excellent background.

Images captured from the engagement photo session are usually presented by the couple to their guest at the reception through an audio visual presentation or photo slideshow projected on a big monitor. In here, the photographer will show their love story through his images using Animoto to create that stunning slideshows in minutes.

Here’s some of a bit edgy, unique, and traditional ideas for your engagement portrait shoot on-location. Take it as an inspiration to come up with a decision for a memorable location that will be captured in photograph and cherish for a lifetime.

1. At the park where you had your first kiss

Photo via callie b


2. Near a sculpture where you found each other

Photo via Joe Dantone


3. On the window where you spent hours together reading

Photo via jbparker


4. On the sofa where you shared your dreams together

Photo via brittniwillie.com


5. Along the railroad where you had your first adventure

Photo via Shannon Lepere


6. At the playground where you both used to play as kids

Photo via Dead Pixel Studio


7. Above the sky where you jump for joy together

Photo via Pete Malone


8. Inside the classroom in which you both studied together

Photo via Mehul Photographer


9. At the yacht where you first took a cruise together alone

Photo by Rhys Albrecht


10. Near the river where you first camp together

Photo via Sam Brill


11. At the beach where you shared so many special moments

Photo via Marcos Caviccioli


12. Under a street lamp where you proposed to her

Photo via stevenc photography


13. On top of the tree you both climbed together for the first time

Photo via little_olenka


14. On a motorcycle where he took you for the first ride

Photo via Renae


15. On an island where you had your first date

Photo via shookaty


16. Outside the apartment where you first met

Photo via Shannon Lepere


17. On the snow where you both laid together

Photo via Come Together Studios


18. On the trail where you coached her the best way to ride a bike

Photo via Marcos Caviccioli


19. At the restaurant where you always used to get lunch together

Photo via Leslee Mitchell


20. Near an aircraft where you flirted with each other

Photo via Marcos Caviccioli


21. Inside the theatre in which he first embrace his arms around you

Photo via Studio Foto


22. At a picnic where he first tried to grill you a steak

Photo via fahri rahman


23. By the car he initially picked you up

Photo via Jose Villa Photography


24. Riding the train where you first held hands together

Photo via fahri rahman


25. At the junkyard where you sung your first love song together

Photo via Collin Stumpf


26. At the golf club where she taught you how to play the game

Photo via Ty Johnson Photography


27. At the boat where you first caught your first fish together

Photo via Millie Holloman Photography


28. At the theme park exactly where she got that huge stuffed toy

Photo via Meagan


29. At the skateboard park where you fell trying to get her attention

Photo via Jerseykym


30. In the ocean where you stumbled upon each other while surfing

Photo via crissgirl


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