How To Make Movies: Helpful Infographic Flowchart Guides

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Shooting video with DSLR cameras cost a fraction of the price of using professional video cameras. A lot of photographers nowadays are learning to shoot on a totally different way because of the introduction of video capabilities in DSLRs. It’s like learning to shoot in sequence with transitions especially for wedding photographers who want to expand their service. Here’s a video by Philip Bloom on getting the best looking footage while shooting with DSLR

DSLR Rig And Gear For Video Production And Filmmaking

If you want to go further and adventure on making short films, action or horror films and animated movies, here’s a breakdown of the process in a visualized flowchart made by Euro RSCG. Just click on the image to view the large version.





Film Inspiration

1. Stanley Kubrick Filmography

2. The Hobbit Movie by Peter Jackson

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