Wedding Photography Checklist: 60 Shot Ideas For Wedding Album

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Photographing weddings on-location can be nerve-racking, especially if it’s your first client. To get the best images and create a storytelling album design, you may use this wedding photography checklist of 60 shot ideas in which you may include some of it and use as a backdrop in the design layout of the album. These lists are just guide to help you figure out the shots to capture. Eventually, you can create your own style of telling the story better than any posed set-up shot and come up with an artist’s choice images.

These lists are a great help to the bride and groom as well for them to have an idea of the photographs they needed to be captured and be included in the album. You can provide them this list and discuss it with the couple. Happy shooting and enjoy making notes from these lists.

01. Bridal accessories
02. Wedding dress hanging or draped
03. Hair styling and make up application
04. Bride looking at the mirror and putting on jewelry
05. Groom fixing his hair and putting his tie
06. Mother of the bride with the Maid of Honor zipping the bride’s dress
07. Father of the groom with Best Man attaching boutonnière to groom
08. Bride looking out the window
09. Groom checking on the time
10. Bride with mother and bridesmaids
11. Groom with father and grooms men
12. Bride with mother and father [also with grandparents]
13. Groom with mother and father [also with grandparents]
14. Bride walking down stairs
15. Bridal car
16. Bride leaving for ceremony with parents and bridesmaids
17. Father helping bride into the bridal car

18. Wide-angle shots of church or ceremony venue [with and without guest]
19. Parents and wedding guest arriving for the ceremony
20. Bride and groom arriving and exiting the car
21. Crowd shots of the guests
22. Shot of the altar and the officiant
23. Groom waiting at the altar with close-up of groom’s expression
24. Bridal entourage marching down the aisle
25. Bride walking down aisle [side and front profile plus top shot when possible]
26. Parents giving away the bride
27. Unity ceremonies and lighting of candles
28. Ring bearer with the wedding rings
29. Exchange vows and rings
30. Kiss of the bride and groom while the crowd applause
31. Family altar portraits with the bride and groom
32. Signing of the marriage contract
33. Bride and groom walking up the aisle
34. Bride and groom outside the church or ceremony venue
35. Confetti throwing
36. Bride and groom being congratulated
37. Bride and groom leaving the ceremony
38. Bride and groom inside the car together

39. Exterior and interior shots of reception venue [with and without guest]
40. Wedding cake and food shots
41. Table setting, centerpieces, place card, and decor
42. Gift table shot and wedding favors
43. Guests arriving and signing the guest book
44. Portrait shots of bride and groom with and without family
45. Bride and groom with bridesmaids and groomsmen
46. Bride and groom hand and ring portraits
47. Musicians or DJ
48. Bride and groom arriving at the venue
49. Bride and groom greeting the guest
50. Best Man and maid of honor toast and speeches
51. Bride and groom toast and speeches
52. Group shots of guest at their table during the meal
53. Bride and groom’s first dance
54. Bride dancing with her father and groom dancing with his mother
55. Bridal party and guest dancing
56. Bride and groom cutting the cake and sipping champagne
57. Bride throwing the bouquet and groom taking off the garter
58. Bride and groom giving away wedding favors
59. Candid moments until the guest leave
60. Bride and groom “Just Married” bridal car driving away

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