Marriage Proposal: Top 5 Things To Do After Saying Yes

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Wedding proposal can be quite overwhelming to some girls but it is just the beginning of the most important event in your life – your marriage. After that proposal, couples need to discuss and map out what type of wedding they envision in advance. Here are these top 5 lists that’s most important while planning your wedding. If I forget to add something, you can leave a comment below to add some of your suggestions. But before that, I would like you to watch this most romantic wedding proposal video just recently uploaded this month of May on

The Most Amazingly Creative Proposal Ever!

This amazing graffiti made a difference! Jeff Gurwin, 28, had a mural painted in New York’s East Village as a marriage proposal to girlfriend Caitlin Fitzsimons, 27. This simply shows that romance isn’t dead.


1. Share the good news with family and friends.

Start with your parents by letting them know in person. Then tell your other close family and friends about it by throwing an engagement party or having a wedding website announcing your wedding details and plans online.

2. Put together your guest list.

This is important to know because it affects the overall cost of your upcoming wedding. You can ask your parents for any inputs on this to come up with the final guest list as soon as possible. Keep the lists to a minimum if you are on a limited budget. Decide on who will stand as your principal and secondary sponsors or “ninong” and “ninang” ( if you’ll be married in the Philippines )? Do you want it to be small and intimate with only a few guest that are close to you or a big traditional wedding with hundreds of guest like what the Chinese here in the Philippines do?

3. Determine and set your budget.

Discuss with your fiancé how you want your wedding to be like. What kind of invitation and save-the-date card designs you want to give out? What’s your preferred ceremony location and reception venue? Who will be the caterer and cake designer of your event? What bridal car to choose? Who is the florist who will do the flower arrangements? Who will do the makeup which is a very important factor in your portrait photography? And who will be your couture designer for your wedding gown and suit or “Barong Tagalog” for Filipinos who love that traditional touch? Also decide if you still need a wedding planner to avoid unnecessary problems. If you want to save money, you can do the planning yourself. Of course, choose and buy your wedding rings that will bind you together as you form a family.

4. Choose your wedding date.

Sometimes this could change depending on the availability of your preferred ceremony location and reception venue. Do check for availability of both location.


5. Book your photographer.

It’s a great time now to have your Engagement Album done and photograph in a memorable location by your chosen photographer. Your wedding location can hold sentimental value or can be a location that you two just fell in love with that you want to captured in photographs. This is also a great way to know your photographer as well prior to your wedding date. On our previous article, we have come up with questions you need to ask when looking for a photographer. It can help you out with your decision because you do want to avoid getting the wrong photographer.

During the engagement period, maximize your time in planning and preparing for your wedding.