50 Modern State Motto Illustration: A Designer’s Atlas

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Created by Designer and animator Dan Cassaro, Project Fifty and Fifty gives America’s traditional mottos a different view. Each designer created their own interpretation of the state’s motto with focus on typography design. The color palette was chosen to bring together the project.

If you are looking for the perfect location for your wedding or just a birthday party event celebration within these 50 states in America, do some research work and explore the area on foot and talk with the locals for the best of everything. Pick a travel destination that will be enjoyable for your guest and not that difficult to get to. Try to meet up with your wedding or party event suppliers to discuss your needs. Do check on the accommodation and marriage regulations as well. Planning a wedding or party celebration to any of the 50 States of America can be full of surprising ceremony and reception sites.

For the mean time, let’s take a look at the finest design illustrations creatively visualize and interpreted by various designers across the country, as well as the origin of the given State’s name.

01. Alabama: We Dare Defend Our Rights

Origin of state’s name: Means “tribal town” in the Creek Indian language


02. Alaska: North To The Future

Origin of state’s name: Based on an Aleut word “alaxsxaq” literally meaning “object toward which the action of the sea is directed” or more simply “the mainland.”


03. Arizona: God Enriches

Origin of state’s name: Spanish interpretation of “arizuma,” an Aztec Indian word meaning “silver-bearing.” Also based on Pima Indianword “arizonac” for “little spring place.”


04. Arkansas: The People Rule

Origin of state’s name: French interpretation of a Sioux word “acansa,” meaning “downstream place.”


05. California: I Have Found It

Origin of state’s name: Named by Spanish after Califia, amythical paradise in a Spanish romance, written by Montalvo in 1510.


06. Colorado: Nothing Without Providence

Origin of state’s name: Taken from the Spanish for the “colorred” and was applied to the Colorado river.


07. Connecticut: He Who Transplanted Sustains

Origin of state’s name: Based on Mohican and Algonquin Indian words for a “place beside a long river”.


08. Delaware: Liberty and Independence

Origin of state’s name: Named after an early Virginia governor, Lord De La Warr


09. Florida: In God We Trust

Origin of state’s name: Named on Easter 1513 by Ponce de Leonfor Pascua Florida, meaning “Flowery Easter”


10. Georgia: Wisdom, Justice and Moderation

Origin of state’s name: Named for King George II of England


11. Hawaii: The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated By Righteousness

Origin of state’s name: Could be based on native Hawaiian wordfor homeland, “Owhyhee”


12. Idaho: Let It Be Perpetual

Origin of state’s name: Idaho is a coined or invented word, and is not a derivation of an Indian phrase “E Dah Hoe (How)” supposedly meaning “gem of the mountains.”


13. Illinois: State Sovereignty National Union

Origin of state’s name: Algonquin Indian for “warriors”


14. Indiana: The Crossroads of America

Origin of state’s name: “Land of the Indians”


15. Iowa: Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain


16. Kansas: To The Stars Through Difficulty

Origin of state’s name: From the Sioux Indian for “south wind people”


17. Kentucky: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Origin of state’s name: Based on the Iroquois Indian word “Ken-tah-ten,” meaning “land of tomorrow”


18. Louisiana: Union, Justice, And Confidence

Origin of state’s name: Named in honor of France’s King Louis XIV


19. Maine: I Lead

Origin of state’s name: Assumed to be a reference to the state region being a mainland, different from its many surrounding islands.


20. Maryland: Manly Deeds, Womanly Words

Origin of state’s name: Named to honor Henrietta Maria, wife of England’s King Charles I


21. Massachusetts: By The Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only Under Liberty

Origin of state’s name: Named after local Indian tribe whose name means “a large hill place”


22. Michigan: If You Seek A Pleasant Peninsula, Look About You.

Origin of state’s name: Based on Chippewa Indian word “meicigama” meaning “great water” and refers to the Great Lakes.


23. Minnesota: The Star Of The North

Origin of state’s name: Based on the Dakota Sioux Indian word for “sky-tinted water,” referring to the Minnesota River or the state’s many lakes


24. Mississippi: By Valor And Arms

Origin of state’s name: Possible based on Chippewa Indian words “mici zibi,” loosely meaning great river


25. Missouri: The Welfare Of The People Shall Be The Supreme Law

Origin of state’s name: Named after Missouri Indian tribe whosename means “town of the large canoes”


26. Montana: Gold And Silver

Origin of state’s name: Based on Spanish word for “mountainous”


27. Nebraska: Equality Before The Law

Origin of state’s name: Name based on an Oto Indian word that means “flat water,” referring to the Platte River


28. Nevada: All For Our Country


29. New Hampshire: Live Free Or Die


30. New Jersey: Liberty And Prosperity


31. New Mexico: It Grows As It Goes

Origin of state’s name: Named by the Spanish for lands north of the Rio Grande River


32. New York: Ever Upward

Origin of state’s name: Named after England’s Duke of York


33. North Carolina: To Be, Rather Than To Seem

Origin of state’s name: Taken from “Carolus,” the Latin word for Charles and named after England’s King Charles I


34. North Dakota: Liberty And Union, Now And Forever, One And Inseparable


35. Ohio: With God, All Things Is Possible

Origin of state’s name: From the Iroquois Indian word for “goodriver”


36. Oklahoma: Labor Conquers All Things

Origin of state’s name: Based on Choctaw Indian words for “redman”


37. Oregon: She Flies With Her Own Wings

Origin of state’s name: Origin and meaning of name unknown, may have been derived from that of the Wisconsin River shown on a 1715 French map as “Ouaricon-sint.”


38. Pennsylvania: Virtue, Liberty, And Independence

Origin of state’s name: Named in honor of Admiral William Penn, father of the state’s founder, William Penn


39. Rhode Island: Hope

Origin of state’s name: Possibly named in honor of the Greek Island of Rhodes or was named Roode Eylandt by Adriaen Block, Dutch explorer, because of its red clay.


40. South Carolina: While I Breathe, I Hope

Origin of state’s name: Named in honor of England’s King Charles I


41. South Dakota: Under God The People Rule

Origin of state’s name: South Dakota is the land of the famous Sioux or Dacotah Indians. Dakota Territory and later South Dakotans were named for the tribe.


42. Tennessee: Agriculture And Commerce

Origin of state’s name: Named after Cherokee Indian villages called “Tanasi”


43. Texas: Friendship

Origin of state’s name: Based on a word used by Caddo Indians meaning “friends”


44. Utah: Industry

Origin of state’s name: Taken from the name of the Ute Indians, whose name means “people of the mountains”


45. Vermont: Freedom And Unity

Origin of state’s name: Based on “verts monts,” French for green mountains


46. Virginia: Thus Always To Tyrants

Origin of state’s name: Named for England’s “Virgin Queen,”Elizabeth I


47. Washington DC: Justice For All, Cash For Gold

Origin of state’s name: Named after George Washington


48. West Virginia: Mountaineers Are Always Free

Origin of state’s name: Named after England’s Queen Elizabeth I, the “Virgin Queen”


49. Wisconsin: Forward

Origin of state’s name: Based on an Indian word “Ouisconsin” believed to mean “grassy place” in the Cheppewa tongue


50. Wyoming: Equal Rights

Origin of state’s name: Based on an Algonquin or Delaware Indian word meaning “large prairie place”


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