Top 10 Wedding Speech Ideas: Best Man and Maid of Honor Edition

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Wedding speeches express how important the day is as well as connect the guests on a deeper level with the bride and groom. You need to plan your speech well ahead of time to ensure that your speech flows for this monumental occasion. This can be a challenging task for those who have fear of public speaking. Just look natural and utilize an easy conversational tone in front of the guests. Simply follow these wedding speech ideas before you raise your glass in honor of the bride and groom and take a sip of your drink. Just don’t forget to end your speech on a positive note and be sure to include your wishes for the couple.

Wedding Speech Ideas for Best Man

  1. Start by introducing yourself and share how you are connected with the groom. Don’t forget to thank the groom for asking you to be his best man.
  2. Greet the bride and say something positive about her – such as how stunning she looks on her wedding day.
  3. Acknowledge and thank the bride and groom’s parents for helping with the occasion.
  4. Include in your speech some memories of you and the groom together with a blow by blow account of the groom’s life in a funny way. Make sure they are not too embarrassing.
  5. Be relaxed and creative with your speech. Slideshow, quotes, or special songs can make the speech much more memorable.

Wedding Speech Ideas for Maid of Honor

  1. Introduce yourself at the beginning of your speech and thank the bride and groom for having you on this special day in their lives.
  2. Tell the wedding couple and their guest how much you appreciate the role of being a maid of honor of their wedding day and how you feel about them trusting you with such a big task.
  3. Make the basis of your speech a historical background on how you and the bride are connected. Share a special memory that you have together whether you have known the bride all of your life or for only a short time. Allow your guest to get a glimpse into your relationship with the couple.
  4. Consider including a quote to your speech that is appropriate for the couple or for the occasion.
  5. Break the ice. Make the guest comfortable and loosen up by inserting a little bit of humor with your speech. Just don’t go too far with the jokes to not offend the wedding couple under any circumstances and upset any of the guests.

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