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Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the most recognizable brand name and logo around the world. Anywhere you go, every convenience store or grocery on the planet, there’s always Coca-Cola. Even when we celebrate a small get-together or major party event with friends, it’s there being served as a party addition to celebrate. And rare events like weddings are not an exemption.

The Coca-Cola Company gave out a remarkable volume of vibrant and striking advertising and promotional memorabilia objects for 125 years that captured the interest of collectors and artist around the world who are collecting pieces of history.

World’s Largest Thank You Card by Coca-Cola!

Through this blog, I have collected and gathered these not so huge 70 Coca-Cola memorabilia collections that catches my eye and turned me back in time. Enjoy browsing through the collection. I have included at the end of the article a video about the history of Coca-Cola to add some stuff of knowledge. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share some of your ideas.


70 Coca-Cola Collections Around The World

01-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere01. This Fender Stratocaster guitar was made and used in Germany with an Eric Clapton promotion.


02-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere02. Movies and Coca-Cola have a long relationship. This R2/D2 robot was in the original Star Wars movies in the 1980’s.


03-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere03. Coca-Cola’s third trip to space was in February 1995, when diet Coke became the first diet soft drink in space and the space shuttle Discovery’s mission marked the first use of soft drink fountain equipment in space.


04-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere04. This elaborately designed syrup urn were given to stores that ordered more than 100 gallons of Coke syrup a year.


05-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere05. Red metal carry-pack dispenser with attached dixie cup holder that held 50 cups. The insulating plastic in this dispenser kept Coke cold for at least two hours.


06-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere06. Bronze colored miniature of the 1988 Olympic Games main stadium. Stadium held up above found by four tiger mascot figure each differently dressed.


07-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere07. This miniature cooler radio has an imprint on top that says “Have A Coke.”


08-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere08. Aluminum bottle carrier with handle. Coca-Cola embossed on side. Holds six bottles.


09-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere09. Coca-Cola Collection


10-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere10. German dispenser manufactured by the Cornelius Company in the late 1950s. This German version of the white dispenser with the red disc includes the tag lines Trink Coca-Cola, Limonade – Koffeinhaltig.


11-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere11. Coca-Cola Collection


12-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere12. This is a Coca-Cola chewing gum that was produced in 1910.


13-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere13. Dole citation dispenser was the first plastic dispenser used by Coca-Cola. The side of the dispenser reads: “Ice cold. Drink Coca-Cola. Sign of good taste.”


14-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere14. This mileage and route information meter from the 1950s, patented by Willard C. George, would have been useful for car travelers.


15-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere15. This is a silver Coca-Cola pocket knife with a bronze contour bottle on the side. This may have been a promotional item in the 1950’s.


16-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere16. In 1985, Coca-Cola became the first soft drink to be consumed in space.


17-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere17. Based on the popular Tiffany & Company style of stained glass, this shade incorporated the script “Coca-Cola” logo into its design. Several of these would hang in a soda fountain to decorate and advertise.


18-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere18. Menu boards were a natural advertising space for Coca-Cola to advertise. Boards such as these were hung behind the sandwich counter for the customer to see the specials, and of course, order a Coca-Cola!


19-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere19. Red metal ice cooler with attached bottle opener on side and removable lid from 1946. This cooler was used by the US Army in Germany during World War II.


20-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere20. Coca-Cola foldable binoculars for spectators at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Summer Games.


21-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere21. Coca-Cola commemorative bottle for the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on July 29, 1981.


22-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere22. Coca-Cola Collection


23-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere23. Coca-Cola Collection


24-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere24. This is a French 1990 plastic and wood reproduction of a 1940 wooden syrup keg.


25-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere25. This 1963 round metal serving tray features a couple dressed in traditional Mexican clothes. The bottom of the tray reads, “Tome Coca-Cola.”


26-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere26. The Lyon 500 vended 500 cups of Coca-Cola and dates from 1947 to 1950. The machine was generally used at high end locations such as movie theaters.


27-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere27. Folk art bottle designed in Russia on exhibit during 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Nesting dolls. During the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, the Company orchestrated the Coca-Cola Olympic salute to folk art artists from 54 countries who used indigenous materials to create Coca-Cola contour bottles.


28-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere28. This Coca-Cola bottle phone was used before cellular phones. Perhaps a teenager used this in their bedroom.


29-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere29. Wooden crates with the Coca-Cola logo were used to deliver 24 bottles from the bottling plant to the vendor.


30-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere30. This vending machine style Coca-Cola transistor radio looks real! This is one version of many hand held radios made using the Coca-Cola logo.


31-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere31. This pocket knife is inscribed with Coca-Cola on the wood side. Many styles of knives were produced for Coca-Cola.


32-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere32. This menu board was actually on display in the original World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.


33-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere33. This clock from the 1980s probably hung on a wall in a restaurant or diner.


34-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere34. This French serving tray shows a woman enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola. Woman were used extensively in the Coca-Cola advertising during this time period.


35-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere35. This French serving tray shows a woman enjoying a bottle of Coca-Cola. Woman were used extensively in the Coca-Cola advertising during this time period.


36-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere36. This coin bank is from Mexico and has no additional opening to get the coins out once they go in!


37-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere37. This is a 1914 oval pocket mirror. Most of the pocket mirror pictures featured a woman holding a bottle or fountain glass of Coca-Cola.


38-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere38. This thermometer with the silhouette of a woman was used in the United States and Canada. This version in French is difficult for collectors to find.


39-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere39. Coca-Cola Collection


40-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere40. Six pack of gold contour bottles honoring 1999 NASCAR Champion #88 Dale Jarrett.


41-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere41. Five bottle set with display box wrapped with country flag – Germany, Brazil, Italy, Argentina and one bottle with large trophy image. Bottles sit in the slots in base of box with artificial green grass with goal lines. A net is affixed to box behind bottles. Behind the net is a board with Coca-Cola logo and World Cup trophy for 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.


42-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere42. Coca-Cola Collection


43-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere43. Coca-Cola Collection


44-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere44. This 1940s six pack carrier is made of wood. Within the circle on the side of the carrier, the text reads, “6 for 35 cents” and “Serve ice-cold.”


45-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere45. This Mannequin is wearing a red racing suit similar to the Nascar Racer, Kyle Petty.


46-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere46. 2006 FIFA World Cup Coca-Cola token set containing 32 countries with previous FIFA World Championships are also at the bottom in the middle with “Champions” on their tokens.


47-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere47. Coca-Cola Collection


48-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere48. Wood toy baseball bat with Coca-Cola script and a bottle cap decal. Coca-Coca began it’s relationships with baseball in 1903 when the company did a series of ads featuring Major League players drinking Coca-Cola. Since that time, Coca-Cola has continued to be associated with the sport.


49-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere49. Hat was made for use during the 2010 FiFA Games in South Africa. Made by Makoya Makaraba.


50-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere50. This Jack Russell yo-yo collection is in excellent condition. The carrying case makes carrying all these yo-yo’s easy.


51-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere51. Coca-Cola Collection


52-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere52. Vehicle promotion in 1976 along with Ford and Levi’s for a van outfitted entirely in denim material


53-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere53. This is a 1960s red and white toy route truck made by Allen Haddock Co. Haddock is one of several companies that made Coca-Cola trucks.


54-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere54. This Coca-Cola toy motor bike was a limited edition built for the 1988 Olympics. It is operated by remote control.


55-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere55. Yellow metal toy delivery truck with metal bottles and cases. Black plastic tires. Red front grill.


56-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere56. Both doors open on this VW van so the interior can be seen. This toy has wonderful details.


57-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere57. Coca-Cola Collection


58-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere58. This metal toy red and white Ford car runs on friction. Other styles of cars that were available to purchase were taxis, and a station wagon.


59-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere59. A 1990 train that features the slogan, “Can’t beat the real thing.” The side doors of the train open so items can be stored.


60-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere60. Toy delivery cart pulled by horses, like Coca-Cola would have been delivered to soda fountains across the country in the late 1800s. Drink Coca-Cola in bottles, five cents.


61-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere61. Produced in two distinctive colorways, mimicking the helmets worn by the French duo


62-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere62. The bottles come three unique styles including a metallic gray polka-dot over a white background, one with pink and gray stripes and a third featuring black stars on a the metallic gray backdrop.


63-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere63. Inspiration came from four of the house’s signatures: a rich croc texture, an Obi belt, a white silk shirt and the brand’s identifying symbol: the Signature Pin, all of which celebrate the famous Contour bottle.


64-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere64. Coca-Cola designs by famous designers around the world.


65-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere65. These bottles featured all of Moschino’s iconic elements; the flamenco dancer, the bow, the clouds in the blue sky, and the Contour – instead of the bag.


66-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere66. Heineken Concept bottle.


67-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere67. Targeting young strong women, “women with a strong personality, who are extrovert, modern and like to experiment; women who love beauty, design, art and culture”.


68-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere68. The jewellery designer has encrusted the pink Diet Coke glass bottle with Swarovski Elements to create bow, floral and lips motifs. Rocket has also signed the bottle.


69-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere69. Featuring cartoon imagery, the 4 bottles each represent a different part of a woman’s life: gold for career, red for passion, pink for love and turquoise for fashion.


70-coke-collection-125-years-of-event-party-add-on-anytime-anywhere70. Created in the traditional colors of the brand, closed by a black cap and underlined by a line of strass.

Video History of Coca Cola and Atlanta Georgia


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