Digital SLR Camera: 5 Features You May Ignore

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We have read a lot about digital SLR cameras and their in-camera features that are so advance and huge in variety. Some have weather resistance, video capabilities, and sturdy built quality. But when it comes to the menus found on your Digital SLR camera, there are a bunch of them.

What features do you really need to use. Ironically, I have come up with a list below of some of the in-camera features in the menu that you don’t really need to use. If you want to add more to that, you can leave a comment below and share your ideas.

1. Full Auto

It may give effortless point-and-shoot photography but using the Program Mode instead will provide you with much control over your exposures.

2. Center-weighted Metering Mode

This feature used to be the only choice on most 35mm Film SLRs and by far the most inaccurate metering mode today. Evaluative Metering Mode is more modern and clever.

3. A-DEP

Don’t let your camera guess what you want to be in focus when using this feature. There are other features of your camera like Aperture Value (Av) or Program Mode that will allow you to control the depth of field.

4. Monochrome

Most image editing software nowadays provides you with greater flexibility than using that in-camera option to capture black-and-white photos.

5. AdobeRGB

The AdobeRGB color space isn’t always printer-friendly, so stick to sRGB if you want great looking prints every time.

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