Marital Rating Checklist In The 1930s: Husband And Wife Edition

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Here’s an interesting chart for the upcoming bride and groom that could turn you back in time. These data charts were based from the Scientific Marriage Foundation’s surveys of real men and women of the 1930s which was founded by George Crane. Through these old data chart, husbands and wives in the 1930s can recognize, rate and present frequent sources of irritation and annoyance in marriage.

Analyze the Marital Rating Scale below. Will you ever fail with the result if you were a 1930s spouse? I personally would fail on this one, honestly. These marital rating checklists speak clearly of how times have changed.





Further Readings And Resources

1. The Complete Tests for Husbands and Wives by George Crane via Flickr
2. Lead Image via George Grosz (1893-1959)

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