Delicious Food Photography Tips For Your Special Event

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During special occasion or party celebration, all variety of creatively prepared food and drinks are presented and surround us. There are a huge number of different colours and textures. So what better time to try food photography? You might even compose a photographic image that can be use for your next event’s invitation card.

Food Photography Tips

  1. Use natural lighting

    For the best results, put your food near a window and try using reflectors to lighten shadow areas. On the other hand, just make use of the available ambient light. Adding some backlighting to a subject can aid in creating small shadows that can help accentuate the texture of food.

  2. Adjust the white balance

    To create a neutral image, use a grey card to accurately set the camera’s white balance. However, once you have set a neutral white balance in-camera, there is no reason why you shouldn’t warm or cool the color tone of your images can be particularly effective if the subject already has a warm tone.

  3. Get closer

    To make sure you can get close enough to the food, use a macro lens. This should allow you to pick out fine textures in the subject and be a little creative with the depth of field. Try taking shots actually at a dining table and use a large aperture to blur the background so that only the food is sharp.

  4. Keep the background clean

    Photograph the food against different backgrounds. Using plain white or black will focus attention on the item, while using brightly coloured backgrounds that contrast with the colour of the food can create bold, striking images.

Inspiration: Edible Fine Art Landscapes

Carl Warner creatively builds these edible architecture landscapes out of food stuffs and photographs the result. His photography has been used in campaigns for Sainsburys and pasta sauce company Sacla.















Lessons On Playing with Food

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