How To Photograph Group Portraits For Music Album Cover

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Part of the culture of music is the album cover design which is use as a promotional tool and as an expression of art. The creativity of many photographers from both inside and outside of the music industry have been used to make a huge selection of memorable album cover. The most captivating music group photography images are those where the viewer will see some dynamic action. Professional music group portrait photography sets a group apart from being a music group looking smooth and stylish from a music group looking like total amateurs.

According to Wikipedia, legends from photography and video/film who have also produced record cover images include Annie Leibovitz (John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith), Richard Avedon (Whitney Houston, Teddy Pendergrass), Norman Seeff (The Band, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Aerosmith), David LaChappelle (No Doubt, Elton John), Anton Corbijn (U2, The Killers, Depeche Mode), Karl Ferris (Jimi Hendrix, Donovan, The Hollies), Robert Mapplethorpe (Patti Smith) and Francesco Scavullo (Diana Ross, Edgar Winter), David Michael Kennedy and others.

Group Portrait Photography For Music Album

  1. Get to know the music group or band’s personality.

    Meet the group and buy their album to know what kind of music they make and what type of people they are. Make it a point to remember the names and faces of everyone in the group ahead of time for building relationship and confidence. Ask their requirements for the photo shoot and how it will be use in the music album. Shoot one of their stage performance or rehearsal then show them your photos to know the style of pictures they would like.

  2. Scout for interesting location for the photo shoot.

    Ask the group if they have any preferred location in mind. Pick a location that actually suits the group depending on their type of music. Get creative with bars, the street, or concert venues for the photo session. Find a spot where the light will come from and decide the position of the strobes for your lighting setup. Take a lot of snapshots from different angles for your chosen location.

  3. Be creative with posing and lighting.

    Try looking for inspiration in music magazines, album covers, mySpace, and websites. Develop a theme. Suggest some creative concepts you have in mind. Pose and move them around. Play with the rapport among the group within the frame. Try some mood lighting over portrait lighting. If you come across photographs from other music group that they want, emulate them in your photo session. Consider the space in your photograph where text will be put for the album cover title. Position the music group or band members in the photograph in the same style as they would show on stage.

30 Group Portrait Photography For Album Cover

01-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-maroon-501 Maroon 5

02-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-pussycat-dolls02 Pussycat Dolls

03-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-simple-plan03 Simple Plan

04-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-dave-matthews-band04 Dave Matthews Band

05-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-the-cardigans05 The Cardigans

06-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-coldplay06 Coldplay

07-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-the-black-eyed-peas07 The Black Eyed Peas

08-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-matchbox-twenty08 Matchbox Twenty

09-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-westlife09 Westlife

10-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-the-cranberries10 The Cranberries

11-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-the-corrs11 The Corrs

12-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-bon-jovi12 Jon Bon Jovi

13-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-sugar-ray13 Sugar Ray

14-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-hoobastank14 Hoobastank

15-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-linkin-park15 Linkin Park

16-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-collective-soul16 Collective Soul

17-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-u217 U2

18-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-take-that18 Take That

19-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-all-saints19 All Saints

20-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-hinder20 Hinder

21-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-lifehouse21 Lifehouse

22-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-mumford-n-sons22 Mumford and Sons

23-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-the-beatles23 The Beatles

24-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-glee-cast24 The Glee

25-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-jonas-brothers25 Jonas Brothers

26-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-backstreet-boys26 Backstreet Boys

27-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-doubt27 No Doubt

28-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-spice-girls28 Spice Girls

29-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-bone-thugs-n-harmony29 Bone Thugs and Harmony

30-how-to-photograph-group-portraits-for-music-album-cover-paul-mccartney30 Paul McCartney

Lead image via Michael Robert Williams Photography

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