Wildlife Photography: How To Capture Animals in Love

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Wildlife photography is the art of photographing animals in its normal environment. Shooting photographs of wild animals involves much skill and patience. At times, photographers bear the harsh climates and conditions just to capture those moments.

How To: Capture Animals in Wildlife Photography

  1. Get closer and position your camera.

  2. Stabilize your digital SLR camera using a sturdy tripod. Get closer to the animal using your telephoto lens to fill the frame with your subject. It narrows down what can be seen in a scene or makes the subject seem much closer than it really is. A 300mm (35mm equivalent) telephoto lens is highly recommended for wildlife photography and additional teleconverters for bird photography relating to small subjects.

  3. Get to know your subject’s behaviour.

  4. The key to photographing a rare moment, action and exceptional situations is to watch for pattern and anticipate the movement. Read books, join animal photography forums, or talk with hunters or experts who specialize in the animal you’re trying to capture.

  5. Capture the moment.

  6. Animals in action makes the most compelling and successful image. The golden hour is great not just for light but for locating wildlife as well. Be out there half an hour before sunrise or an hour before sunset and be patient. Animals are very sensitive to humans so try to use complicated blinds to hide your presence if needed.

30 Wildlife Photography Of Animals in Love

01-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love01 Photo via Floridapfe

02-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love02 Photo via Prabhu B

03-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love03 Photo via DeShow

04-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love04 Photo via Equinôxe 8Th

05-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love05 Photo via DeShow

06-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love06 Photo via Dr. Mario

07-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love07 Photo via DeShow

08-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love08 Photo via National Geographic

09-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love09 Photo via DeShow

10-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love10 Photo via Gloomis74

11-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love11 Photo via Qcomplex5

12-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love12 Photo via Guenterleitenbauer

13-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love13 Photo via National Geographic

14-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love14 Photo via DeShow

15-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love15 Photo via Gregg Obst

16-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love16 Photo via Jacky Parker

17-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love17 Photo via DeShow

18-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love18 Photo via DeShow

19-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love19 Photo via DeShow

20-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love20 Photo via National Geographic

21-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love21 Photo via Yumi

22-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love22 Photo via National Geographic

23-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love23 Photo via National Geographic

24-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love24 Photo via National Geographic

25-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love25 Photo via Dido60

26-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love26 Photo via DeShow

27-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love27 Photo via DeShow

28-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love28 Photo via DeShow

29-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love29 Photo via DeShow

30-wildlife-photography-how-to-capture-animals-in-love30 Photo via National Geographic