Top 5: Sweet Dessert Table Ideas For Your Party

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Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, Christmas, cocktail parties, and corporate events are just a few examples of places where a dessert table can be found. Nothing sweetens up a wedding reception or party event quit like a dessert buffet, a visual delight to inspire the inner-child. It’s an overflowing sweet buffet that lets guest pick their own take-home treats.

Setting up a dessert table buffet entails a lot of patience and creative styling skills. Here are a few ideas and tips in designing and setting up your delicious dessert table.

TOP 5: Dessert Table Ideas

  1. Set the table.

    Decorate the table with something that inspires you then put the table against a simple background. Cover it with fabulous cloth and add flowers and ribbons as an accent to the theme. Create platforms or place fabric-covered Styrofoam raiser boxes with different heights and shapes on which you can set up your desserts.

  2. Choose a collection of containers.

    Pick bowls, jars, vases, trays, platters, canisters and footed stands in combination of shapes and sizes. Scoops and spoons make the perfect accessory to a jar of lollies. Clear glass containers are great for holding colourful hard candies.

  3. Pick a color theme.

    Everything you put on the table must match your color scheme or theme. Try to use two or three monochromatic colors.

  4. Add labels.

    Use matching stationary, handwritten signs, chalkboard signs, and calligraphy to describe and name your delicious desserts.

  5. Sweet Selection.

    Balance an elaborate cake with mini cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, and hard candies on the table. Some great dessert ideas include cupcakes with couture cupcake wrappers, truffles, personalized chocolate bars, cookie garlands, whoopie pies, pillow mints, malted milk balls, sweet tarts, rock candy, taffy, almonds, macaroons, cotton candy cone sticks, popcorn boxes, panacotta, centerpiece cakes, jelly beans, mints, fondant covered petit fours and gelato. You can also include customized drinks!

36 Delicious Dessert Table Design Setup

01-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas01. Image via Amy Atlas Events

02-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas02. Image via Amy Atlas Events

03-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas03. Image via Amy Atlas Events

04-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-the-couture-cakery04. Image via The Couture Cakery

05-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-principal-planner05. Image via Principal Planner

06-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas06. Image via Amy Atlas Events

07-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-the-couture-cakery07. Image via The Couture Cakery

08-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-principal-planner08. Image via Principal Planner

09-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-sweet-table-chicago09. Image via Sweet Table Chicago

10-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas10. Image via Amy Atlas Events

11-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas11. Image via Amy Atlas Events

12-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-spaceships-n-laser-beams12. Image via Spaceships and Laser Beams

13-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-sweet-table-chicago13. Image via Sweet Table Chicago

14-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas14. Image via Amy Atlas Events

15-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-principal-planner15. Image via Principal Planner

16-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas16. Image via Amy Atlas Events

17-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas17. Image via Amy Atlas Events

18-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-the-couture-cakery18. Image via The Couture Cakery

19-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas19. Image via Amy Atlas Events

20-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-sweet-table-chicago20. Image via Sweet Table Chicago

21-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas21. Image via Amy Atlas Events

22-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas22. Image via Amy Atlas Events

23-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-the-couture-cakery23. Image via The Couture Cakery

24-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas24. Image via Amy Atlas Events

25-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas25. Image via Amy Atlas Events

26-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas26. Image via Amy Atlas Events

27-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas27. Image via Amy Atlas Events

28-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas28. Image via Amy Atlas Events

29-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas29. Image via Amy Atlas Events

30-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-principal-planner30. Image via Principal Planner

31-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas31. Image via Amy Atlas Events

32-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas32. Image via Amy Atlas Events

33-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-the-couture-cakery33. Image via The Couture Cakery

34-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-anna-and-blue-paperie34. Image via Anna and Blue Paperie

35-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-principal-planner35. Image via Principal Planner

36-top-5-sweet-dessert-table-ideas-for-your-party-amy-atlas36. Image via Amy Atlas Events

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