Extraordinary Dark Shades of Portraits in Photography

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We normally shoot subjects we like having the light behind us to minimize or avoid unwanted shadows. But what if you turn around and shoot straight directly into the light source. This is another great portrait technique used by most portrait photographers which produces a dark shade of your subject against a lighter background also known as silhouette photography. It places great importance on shape and contrast.

Capture The Dark Side Of Portraits in 5 Steps:

  1. Put the light source behind your subject.

    This will create an outline that appears dark against a light background.

  2. Choose an appropriate background.

    Several of the most powerful images in silhouette are produced in black and white. Backgrounds in color can be very effective if they are not distracting.

  3. Position your subject to stand out from the background.

    Keep the shape of your subject as simple as possible. Try to avoid so much light in the foreground or infront of your subject.

  4. Adjust your camera exposure setting.

    Focus your camera to the background and press the shutter button half down while you meter the scene and reframe the shot.

  5. Take the shot.

    Fully press and release the shutter button to capture your subject. The camera will expose the background while underexposing the foreground.

When you want to expand your photography portfolio, try shooting some dark shades of portraits in silhouettes. With the right exposure and concept, it can provide you unique and extraordinary images in your collection.

22 Dark Shades of Portraits in Photography

001-true-chairs-by-Codrin-Baleanu01 True Chairs by Codrin Baleanu

002-photo-by-AP-Photo-Charles-Rex-Arbogast02 Photo by AP/Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

003-sea-silhouette-by-Fernando-Gonzale03 Sea Silhouette by Fernando Gonzale

004-silhouettes4-by-Hypnoughtik04 Silhouettes4 by Hypnoughtik

005-overkill-by-Middeneaht05 Overkill by Middeneaht

006-photo-by-MANAN VATSYAYAN-AFP-Getty Images06 Photo by MANAN VATSYAYAN/AFP/Getty Images

007-photo-by-Magdalena-Rakita07 Photo by Magdalena Rakita

008-Fertility01-by-Roger-Jourdain08 Fertility01 by Roger Jourdain

009-Pumped-by-Geoffrey-Jones09 Pumped by Geoffrey Jones

010-desire-for-freedom-by-Riccardo-Romano10 Desire for Freedom by Riccardo Romano

011-cave-mouth-silhouette-by-Raymond-Gehman11 Cave Mouth Silhouette by Raymond Gehman

012-people-watching-by-Stuart-Richards12 People Watching by Stuart Richards

013-photo-by-Simpologist13 Photo by Simpologist

014-flying-over-rock-by-Alessandra-Meniconzi14 Flying Over Rock by Alessandra Meniconzi

015-photo-by-Tomaocron15 Photo by Tomaocron

016-a-single-splendid-sun-by-PixelSeeker16 A Single Splendid Sun by PixelSeeker

017-the-girls-have-gone-wild-by-Bittersweetvenom17 The Girls Have Gone Wild by Bittersweetvenom

018-the-visitor-by-Latoday18 The Visitor by Latoday

019-silhouette-by-AmateurSoul19 Silhouette by AmateurSoul

020-photography-is-not-a-crime-by-Xava-du20 Photography Is Not A Crime by Xava du

021-photo-by-Vramak21 Photo by Vramak

022-photo-by-Tanakawho022 Photo by Tanakawho

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