How To Celebrate the Chinese New Year

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New Year is the most significant celebration in China. As we leave the celestial dragon, we welcome the clever snake this coming 10 February 2013 wherein the Chinese New Year will fall on Sunday – the Year of the Snake.

Heralding the beginning of the first month based on the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year sparks an array of celebrations and traditions influenced by ancient rites. The preparations commence several days before the actual celebration. Here are a few tips to carry out.

  • Do some house cleaning prior to Chinese New Year celebration to get rid of the bad luck of the previous year. Some would actually put in a layer of red paint to doors and windows. However, avoid cleaning on the first few days of the New Year’s Day to prevent good fortune from being swept away.
  • Store shopping, preparing food for the celebrations along with the related religious ceremonies are organized few days prior to the New Year since it is regarded as bad luck to carry out any kind of work on New Year’s Day.
  • Consider seeing as much of your family members and close friends as you can and celebrate the coming New Year with good wishes. Give Chinese New Year delight into their lives together with time-honored food preparation, splendid decorations and fun-based activities for everyone.
  • Often time’s individuals will wear new clothes to symbolize a new start. Just don’t wear white because white represents death and mourning in China.
  • Welcome the New Year with fireworks to create noise and scare off the evil spirits. Enjoy the traditional dragon dance being performed and share those red envelopes with money as gift to the children.

Lunar Year Preparation

Here are a few photos taken from different places around the world. Let’s see how they prepare for the Chinese New Year celebration. You can view more photos via Dawn. All photos by Agencies with text by Alisia Pek via Dawn

1. Chinese Nеw Year decorations аrе displayed аt a building in Hong Kong. — Photo bу AP

Hong Kong Chinese New Year

2. A woman holds incense sticks аt thе Old City God Temple in Yuyuan Garden in downtown Shanghai. — Photo bу Reuters


3. Malaysian Chinese calligrapher Tony Yong writes traditional Chinese calligraphy оn rеd paper fоr thе upcoming Chinese Nеw Year. — Photo bу AP

Malaysia Chinese New Year

4. A man exits a shop selling Chinese New Year decorations in Hong Kong. — Photo by AFP

Chinese New Year Shopping

5. An Indonesian worker dries colored circle incense sticks prepared fоr Chinese Nеw Year celebrations, in Tangerang оn thе outskirts оf Jakarta, Indonesia. — Photo bу AP

Indonesia Chinese New Year

Discover age-old traditions and learn how to sweep away the bad luck and welcome good fortune as you embrace peace and prosperity in the upcoming year. Have a prosperous year ahead to all of us.



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