Engagement Ring Options: Getting the Best Deal When Shopping

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If you are a man and you are planning to ask for the hand of your lovely girlfriend for years then you should be aware of the different engagement ring options. Aside from the wedding, it is also one of the occasions, or not literary occasion, one of the special instances in woman’s life that a man should be prepared of. It will be an advantage if you know some of the options that you can have when you are ready to buy a ring for the engagement that you are planning to have. You will definitely love the idea of learning how you can make that moment perfect and allow yourself to have an easy time of doing your thing.

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There are some things that you should consider when you are finally choosing the ring that you will use for your engagement and will help you also in choosing the right wedding ring in the future. You can either have different options when you want a special ring for your lady and make her the happiest woman ever once you propose to her. Here are some of the options that you can consider once you are finally deciding on the ring that you are going to give to your woman.

Diamonds are still any girl’s best friend

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When you want to offer elegance for your girl, then diamonds are still the best options for you. You can choose from several types of rings that are accented with diamonds in different cuts and have it placed in a velvet covered case for added elegance.

Colored gemstones

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There are many choices for colored gemstones engagement ring that will definitely surprise your woman and have even make her cry if the gemstone is her favorite color. It can be the best choice if your woman is into selecting carefully accessories that can match their daily dress.

Stoneless bands


With dealing with usefulness and longevity, stoneless bands are now readily available in any jewelry stores. These are usually made from different metals that will not easily wear and will have less damage even if it exposed in different elements. You can make sure that there are those options that can still provide elegance and will make your woman impressed with the design that you have chosen.

Inexpensive engagement rings

When you are short of budget but you badly want to propose then you can choose to have the inexpensive Engagement Rings. These are the best choices when you are planning to have the expensive one when your wedding day comes. Anyways, it is much important if you will be readily prepared when you are going to present the ring that will bind you and your woman forever.

Tips On Getting the Best Deal with Engagement Rings

TheKnot.com Fashion Editor Jennie Ma provides some tips. You can read more about the crazy world of engagement ring financing via Boingboing.

  • Buy Shy аnd Save: Shop fоr diamonds thаt weigh juѕt undеr сеrtаin weight thresholds. Fоr example, if уоu wаnt a 1.0 carat diamond, уоu саn buy a .90 carat diamond аnd save mоrе thаn $1,000. And buying shy will hаrdlу affect thе diamond’s outward appearance (the diameter оf a 1.0 carat diamond iѕ 6.5 mm, whеrеаѕ thе diameter оf a .90 shy carat stone iѕ 6.3 mm — thе difference iѕ thе thickness оf a piece оf paper). Thе price difference bеtwееn a 1.90 carat diamond аnd a 2.0 carat diamond саn bе аѕ muсh аѕ $5,000!
  • Hit thе Internet: Thеrе саn bе ѕоmе great deals found оn thе Internet — i.e. BlueNile аnd Union Diamond аllоw уоu tо compare thе gоing rate оf loose diamonds аnd ring settings based оn thеir grades аnd styles.
  • Buy Loose Diamonds: Don’t bе dazzled bу thе pretty setting, thе fancy box оr thе clever advertisements. Mоѕt jewelry ads аrе selling уоu оn settings, nоt diamonds, еvеn thоugh thе stone iѕ a whopping 90 percent оf a ring’s cost. It’s important tо buy thе stone loose, nоt mounted, ѕо уоu саn inspect thе еntirе stone.
  • Don’t bе Afraid tо Negotiate: There’s аlwауѕ room fоr negotiation, ѕо don’t bе afraid tо gо аftеr a deal. Nеvеr settle оn thе sticker price unlеѕѕ you’ve shopped аrоund аnd уоu knоw it’s аlrеаdу a fair price.

To have several choices or options like the ones that are mentioned above, you will barely have a hard time of choosing the ring that you want for your love one. It will be the easiest thing that you can do to spare yourself from wasting time on choosing and regretting of the kind of engagement ring that you want to present for your woman.


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