Top Reasons Why You Should Plan A Small Wedding

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Weddings are among the biggest events that need to be planned carefully or else, your dream will surely turn into a nightmare even in just a single mistake. While many couples would want to have a big wedding, these days, more and more individuals are starting to realize that a small and simple wedding is way much better than having to go for the fabulous and extravagant wedding ceremonies. If you are currently on your wedding planning stage, this is the best time for you to know the real reasons why small weddings are better than the big ceremonies.

Choose a Small but Picturesque Chapel

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During one of your trips, you have probably discovered a tiny yet charming chapel that seems to be just a perfect venue for your wedding. When you choose to have a small wedding, this chapel that you have fallen in love with will serve as the most ideal place for the ceremony because the restrictions of its size will make it easier for you to keep your wedding list guest to its minimum. Of course, this is not to mention that you will be able to save a lot when it comes to the materials that you will use for church decorations because a chapel that can hold 50 people alone surely takes up lesser space compared to a church that can house 200 individuals.

Save on the Banquet

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So far, when it comes to big ceremonies like weddings, banquet is the one that takes up most of the cost but during your wedding planning, this does not have to be your case as well. Whether you are on a bit tight budget or you have other plans where you will be spending your money, going for a small wedding allows you to save up a colossal amount of cash which you can spend freely on whatever you please.

Keep Your Focus on Your Big Day

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With a small wedding, you will be able to fully focus on every single detail about your big day, freeing you from the inevitable stress brought by the thought of having to estimate hundreds of wedding guests in one day. Planning a small wedding will allow you to check into the different aspects of the event to ensure that everything will flow as smoothly as planned and make the day the most memorable day of your life ever.

Forget the Forgotten

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In big weddings, there is always that tendency to forget or overlook something. As mentioned earlier, a small wedding will enable you to be in full charge of all arrangements yourself to make sure that even those tiny details will suit your personal taste. Centerpieces that you personally designed, handmade wedding giveaways, and handwritten wedding invitations will definitely make your wedding planning all the more enjoyable.

Be Surrounded with Love

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On top of it all, the biggest reason why a small wedding is much more favorable than large ceremonies is because of the fact that your wedding day’s real magic will emanate from being surrounded with your family and true friends. Would you want your special day to be spent with people that you have just seen for the first time with names that you can barely remember? Of course, you’d rather be surrounded by those who have been with you through the years and people who know how special this day is for you.


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