Wedding Cake Myths Exposed

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Each and every couple that is about to marry are really particular about every single detail during the preparation of their wedding. Indeed, a wedding day should be the most special event of their life. It is the event where you will be making yourself committed to a person in front of those people who are close to you, particularly your loved ones. One of the most important aspects you take into consideration is the wedding cake that you and your partner will be sharing during the wedding reception. However, before considering buying a wedding cake you should be aware about the following wedding cake myths:

  • Most cake makers will exactly know what you desire. A cake maker will get your inspiration and will convert it into some piece of art. You may bring in colors, inspiration, sketches and pictures in order to exactly show your wanted vision.
  • Cake topper for your first year anniversary. There are some wedding cake makers that will offer you a free small wedding cake during your first year anniversary, which is a great thing to have. If the one you hire doesn’t provide one you can celebrate your initial 3 month anniversary by savoring some at one time.
  • It is your wedding cake so consider it personal. You could provide a story for your cake. Perhaps the detailing of the fondant will match the graphic from the invitation, the lace pattern taken from the veil of your mom or the wedding monogram. Anything you want to could be included.
  • Cakes are too costly. You should be expecting that the wedding cake you will present during your wedding is expensive so you need to make the most out of it. If you wish to have 200 tiny sugar flowers that are wired outside of the cake, then surely it will be expensive. You may want to serve half of the cake from the smaller detailed cake and then cut piece cake at the back for others.
  • Fondant surely tastes awesome. The huge elaborate wedding cakes you often see on magazines ate usually created with the use of fondant and couldn’t be made with some buttercream frosting. You should consider the weather during your wedding day. If your reception is outdoors and the cake needs to resist the elements, you should avoid using some buttercream.
  • Lavish cake presentation. Consider the table where you will place the wedding cake as it affects its looks. If you consider using a dull one then it may drag the look of your wedding cake to be turned into another dull thing on your wedding. You surely don’t want this to happen so you need to make sure to consider this.
  • Wedding cakes must be in circular shape. Cakes could probably be in any form or shape you wish to. You should be creative and consider each aspect that will help make the cake attractive.

Wedding Cake Serving Guide

Yоu wаnt tо make ѕurе thе cake уоu wаnt tо create will serve еnоugh people in уоur wedding. Hеrе’ѕ аn infographic guide оn cutting attractive, uniform slices tо ensure thаt уоur cake serves thе correct number оf guests.

cake-serving-guide VIEW IMAGE SOURCE

Best of Celebrity Wedding Cakes

Sоmе оf thе mоѕt memorable wedding cakes аnd thе couples thаt served them. Check out our previews article for more wedding cake tips and design inspiration.

best-of-celebrity-wedding-cakes VIEW IMAGE SOURCE

Knowing these wedding cake myths could surely help you appreciate and create the most favorable cake for your wedding.

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