How To Plan Your Wedding With Pinterest

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Wedding planning for the new year 2013 need not be a daunting task for couples because by simply determining the things that you like, allowing sufficient room for possible adjustments as well as being organized, you will surely be able to organize the best wedding event ever.

One thing that you can do is go online and check out what it has to offer you. Among the best sources where you can get useful inspiration is none other than Pinterest. Relatively new in the world of social networking, Pinterest has remarkably become highly sought after for so many good reasons. Nоt оnlу аrе Pinterest users adding images tо thеir virtual pinboards fоr inspiration tо hеlр plan thеir big day, but ѕоmе аrе collecting ideas fоr thе future аnd аrеn’t еvеn engaged.


While Facebook puts more focus on relations, Pinterest tackles on individuals’ interesting, acting a great online bulletin board/scrapbook where you will be able to post or “pin” any photo or video that you would like to share to the world. The best thing about Pinterest is that you can use this for planning some of the special events in your life, which include weddings. But how can you use Pinterest for your wedding planning? Here are several ways:

  1. Gather Ideas

    With Pinterest being more dominated by females, it will surely be easy for you to find numerous ideas you can use for your special day. Starting from the best wedding dress to giveaways that are worthy to be treasured, you will definitely never run out of inspiration.

  2. Use Pinterest Boards

    Basically, these “boards” are the categories where your pins are going to be classified. For the wedding pins to be neat and organized, you can classify them under “cakes,” “dresses,” “flowers,” and the likes. You can also pin the makeup style that you prefer to wear for your big day which will save you the time of having to search through your photo albums to show the makeup artist that you hired during your wedding planning meetings.

  3. Follow Wedding Experts and Professionals

    Most of the wedding specialists are now on Pinterest as well, making it easier for you to follow them for useful advice and tips. There will no longer be a need to pore through wedding magazines because even these are in Pinterest already. You will get the advice that you need without having to pay at all.

  4. Assemble Your Entourage on Pinterest

    Being a social platform, Pinterest allows you to share the pins that you have to others. You can invite your entire entourage on board where you will be able to exchange more ideas about the wedding. Through this, you will be able to garner good feedback to ensure that all of you are in the same page.

  5. Go Mobile

    Pinterest App can be easily downloaded your phone. This will make your wedding planning way much easier because you can easily show videos and photos to your chosen suppliers to ensure that you will achieve the feel and look that you want for your wedding.

Even though Pinterest can give you tons of inspiration for your wedding, bear in mind that keeping your focus on your wedding planning is the real secret in order to have the most memorable and wonderful wedding day ever.

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