Things To Remember When Buying Your Wedding Stationary

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The invites are among the most important things that you need to think about for your wedding. They are the first taste that your guests get of your wedding, of what the tone, style or theme of your wedding will be.

Know Who You Want to be There

Write a list of everyone you want to attend your wedding, and how many invites they will need. Generally families and couples will only need one, but young adult children within the families may want their own- particularly if you want their partners to attend.

Decide on What You Want

There are a lot of stationary that you need if you want to give your guests as much information as possible.

Save the Date

These initially inform your guests of your engagement, get them to ‘save the date’ and give them the very first hint of your wedding. This is why it is important to figure out whether your wedding will be formal, casual, or romantic.


Not as simple as they sound, wedding invitations should ideally have included the invite itself, RSVPs, Order of Service (if you’re getting married in a church, or Order of Day if not) and information such as maps, places to stay and gift registration. Remember to include a date on RSVPs, so you know who is attending and who is not. If your guests to the ceremony and guests to the reception differ, then you will also need to think about this, and make sure you don’t mix up who is going to which part of your day.

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Seating Plan

You can either decide to send individual seating plans to everyone, for ease of consultation, or have one at the venue itself to be consulted on arrival.

Place Cards

If you have a seating plan, then place cards will be necessary. Order over the necessary amount, in case of mistakes.


This obviously depends on your wedding. If it’s informal, with a buffet, then a menu may not be necessary. If it’s a set menu, you’ll need to take into account special dietary requirements and request this knowledge well beforehand. This may mean that you should include a menu on the table to remind guests what they will be eating.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are always a lovely gesture that lets your guests know how important they are to you for attending your wedding.

Finding Your Stationary

There are a wide range of different styles out there, so you must think about your own personalities and the theme of your wedding and choose a design that reflects this. Look for value for money but a quality design- cheap wedding invitations UK.

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